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Unit 2 How often do you exercise? By rosa 2014-9-21.

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1 Unit 2 How often do you exercise? By rosa 2014-9-21

2 My weenkend activities Rode bike went to the mountains

3 What can we do on weekends? We can...

4 Weekend activities Play computer Go to the mountains Play soccer Watch TV Go shopping Go swimming

5 1a. look at the pictures.make a list of the weekend activities a. go shopping b. read c. exercise= play sports d. watch TV e. help with housework

6 Frequency words (100%) Always > usually > often > sometimes > hardly ever > never (0%)

7 1b Listen and write the activities always(100%)______________ usually _________________ often__________________ sometimes______________ hardly ever______________ never(0%)________________ watch TV Exercise read go shopping help with housework watch TV go shopping

8 -- What do you usually do on weekends? --I usually watch TV --Do you go shopping? --- No, I never go shopping go skateboarding watch TV play sports=exercise read books go shopping go to the movies play computer games do homework surf the Internet Sleep 1c. Pairwork now! Ask your partner about his weekend activities

9 Do a survey Frequency( 频率 ) Activities( 活动 ) always Usually sometimes Hardly ever Roport( 报告 ) : My friend is peter. He always plays soccer on the weekend. He sometimes watchesTV at night. He hardly ever goes shopping. What do you always/usually/sometimes do on the weekend? I always/usually/sometimes/hardly ever.... Play soccer Watch TV Go shopping

10 Exercise every day and keep healthy !

11 Homework Practice Section A-1b Keep a weekend diary showing what you do on weekend. (You can write down what they do from the time you get up until you go to bed)

12 Thank you !

13 Weekend activities do homework exercise Work in pairs : What do they usually do on weekends?

14 go to the movies play football

15 read watch TV

16 shopping swimming

17 Number the activities first,then match the activities of Cheng Activities How often go to the movies every day watch TV once a week shop twice a week exercise three times a week read once a month twice a month 3 1 5 4 2

18 Oral practice How often do you do these activities? Make conversations with your partner. do homework every day A: How often do you do your homework? B: Every day.

19 exercise Three/Four times a week A: How often do you exercise? B: Three times a week.

20 eat junk food once a month A: How often do you eat junk food? B: Once a month.

21 surf the Internet twice a week A: How often do you surf the Internet? B: Once a week.

22 Practice Fill in the blanks with the information in the “Activity Survey” and “Vocabulary Key”. Green High School: Activity Survey Activityeverydayonce or twice a week three or four times a week Exercise15%10%75% Do homework95%0%5% Watch TV85%2%13% Vocabulary Key All students= 100% Most students= 51%-99% Some students=1%-50% No students=0%

23 What Do Students Do at Green High School? Here are the results of the student activity at Green High School. ______ students exercise three or four times a week. Some students exercise once or twice a week. _______ students exercise every day. As for homework, _____ students do homework every day. _______students do homework three or four times a week. _____ students do homework once or twice a week. The results for “watch TV” are interesting. _____ students watch TV once or twice a week, some students watch TV ________ _______ ______ a week, but most students watch _________. Most Some most Some No Some three or four times every day

24 Discussion Discuss with your partners your daily activities. How often do you do them? Why do you like them? Or why not? eg. A: What do you usually do at weekends? B: I like going shopping. A: How often do you go shopping? B: Twice a month. A: Why do you like it? B: It’s exciting.

25 Improve English Study Interview: How often do you…? read English books sing English songs watch English programs listen to English tapes join the English corner chat with foreigner

26 Report: The good habit for English study Read English every day. Join the English corner once or twice a week. …

27 Homework Write about how often your family members do things. For example, My mother cooks dinner every day. We eat in a restaurant once a week. My father goes to Shanghai twice a year. ……


29 Is the food in the following pictures healthy or unhealthy ? Look and talk:



32 tomatoes Green peppers onions eggplant cheese pepperoni mushroom What are they?

33 persimmon Chinese gooseberry

34 What drinks would you like?

35 junk food

36 Match the words with the pictures 1.____ junk food 3. _____ fruit 5._____sleep 2. _____ milk 4. ____vegetables b a de c  A: What drink do you usually have?  B: Milk.  A: How often do you drink milk?  B: I drink milk everyday.  A: Do you like it ?  B: No. But my mother wants me to drink it. She says it’s good for my health. Pair work:


38 exercise eat vegetables eat fruit sleep drink milk eat junk food Activities How often Katrina Bill every day hardly ever 10 or 11 times a week twice every daynever nine hours every daynever 2 or 3times a week 3 or 4 times a week Listen,write and speak

39 “unhealthy”. Lisa sleeps eight hours every night. She eats a good breakfast and she exercises every day. She never eats junk food. healthy/unhealthy Pam likes to watch TV. On weekends, she never exercises and she doesn’t like fruits or vegetables. She eats junk food. And Pam never goes to the doctor. healthy/unhealthy Paco is tall and thin. He plays tennis three times a week and he runs five miles every Saturday. He never watches TV.He eats fruits and vegetables every day and sleeps nine hours every night. healthy/unhealthy Read about each person. Then circle “healthy” or

40 Look and imagine what his or her lifestyle is like. Try to use some of the words below: often every day usually once a week sometimes always never three times a week hardly ever…


42 A Healthy Lifestyle

43 A Healthy Diet How often do you eat fruit? I eat fruit every day. Do you like it? Yes. I like it very much. And it’s good for my health.

44 Exercise: Males Football Basketball Weight training Jogging Bicycling Swimming Females Swimming Basketball Bicycling Aerobics Jogging Regular fitness program

45 How to keep healthy? A healthy diet Exercise Sleep well …

46 Homework Interview your favorite teacher about lifestyle, then write an article: My favorite teacher

47 Read and draw lines between the activities and the time statements.

48 Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

49 Homework How healthy are you? Write about your own habits.

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