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Parent Participation in the Transition from High School to College.

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1 Parent Participation in the Transition from High School to College

2 Transition is a team effort Helping students prepare for the transition to college is a team effort Student Parents Transition Counselor/Coordinator Guidance Counselor Teachers Coaches Class Advisors

3 How Can Parents Assist their High School Student Encourage your son/daughter to talk about their disability and how it effects learning Keep a copy of the current IEP and Psychological Evaluation Keep copies of the most up to date high school transcript Encourage your son/daughter to register with the college’s disability resource office Encourage your son/daughter to complete the ACCES- VR application. Attend the ACCES-VR meetings but let your young adult do the talking

4 Empowerment– When parents and educators work with students to complete tasks ON THEIR OWN, it is a form of empowerment. This is a process that takes time, patience, and a willingness from the student to become self-directed. Empowerment builds confidence!!!!!!

5 Self-Advocacy Have a family discussion about self advocacy Give examples of how your son/daughter can be his/her own best advocate Discuss how being a good self-advocate will lead to more success in college Role play with your son/daughter situations such as talking with a professor about his/her disability and modifications (i.e. separate location for taking exam, extra time)

6 Working with your student on the following: Time Line College Applications ACCES-VR Application Financial Aid College Visits Vocational Assessments

7 Developing a Time Line Throughout their high school experience, students can develop a yearly time line to list the various events and activities that may take place. This will help “chunk” down some of the necessary activities. Tasks should be realistic and can be checked off as they are completed

8 Time Line Websites parents.aspx Time line should be simple AND realistic. The time line should be a true representation of your son/daughter’s “to do” list for the coming year.

9 College Applications Encourage your son/daughter To work closely with the guidance counselor and/or transition counselor on the college application process. To determine the factors that are most important in deciding the college of his/her choice To attend college fairs To begin the process early To develop a quality college essay To complete the applications before the deadlines

10 ACCES-VR Application Should be completed in the 2 nd half of the student’s junior year or 1 st semester of the senior year. Students can get assistance with completing the application from teachers and counselors. ACCES works with the college disability office in providing services such as tutoring and note taking.

11 ACCES-VR Application Student Questionnaire – your son/daughter needs to complete this to the best of his/her ability Sign the release of information forms Complete financial survey if your child is seeking services that are based on economic need (i.e. textbook costs) Check over application to be sure all sections are completed (incomplete applications can lead to a delay in processing

12 Financial Aid Encourage your son/daughter to: apply to the various scholarships available through the high school and community Apply early to these scholarships Check out scholarships at the college where s/he has applied. Complete the FAFSA ( Be sure to access the correct web site. It doesn’t cost you any money to file the FAFSA at the above website

13 College Visits Encourage your son/daughter to: Visit the colleges while classes are in session Talk with students who are in enrolled in his/her program of interest. Figure out the campus map and get from Point A to Point B. This can be quite the “demystifying” experience. (if applicable) Plan an overnight visit. Eat in the school’s cafeteria

14 College Visits Encourage your son/daughter to visit the following offices on campus: Admission Office Financial Aid Security Disability Services Cafeteria Career Planning

15 The “What Do You Want to Do When You Grow-Up” Discussion Talk with your son/daughter about : Likes and dislikes Does the stated goal (i.e. become a nurse) go along with your child’s academic interests? Program requirements (prerequisites, course requirements, minimum grades in program) Researching different careers (NY Career Zone is a great way to find out information and it’s FREE – )

16 Contact Information Sally Lauletta Transition Coordinator, Questar III (518) 479-6802 Jennifer Miller Learning Disabilities Specialist Hudson Valley Community College (518) 629-7552

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