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Get Set for College 02/2015 Options after High School  College  Technical Programs  Military  Workforce.

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2 Get Set for College 02/2015

3 Options after High School  College  Technical Programs  Military  Workforce

4 Take responsibility for your future Reasons to Attend College  Increase earning power  Career preparation  Learning opportunities  Study new and different subjects  Involvement in extracurricular activities  Meeting new and interesting people  Achieving a personal goal  Influence of family and friends

5 College Graduates Earn More 4

6 Benefits of continuing your education  Many high paying jobs require advanced education and/or training.  College graduates have half the unemployment rates of high school graduates and better job security.  There are more job opportunities available for college graduates than high school graduates. 5

7 You can organize the college planning process in simple steps

8  Recognize your strengths and weaknesses  Analyze your interests and values  Achieve a personal goal  Increase your earning power  Prepare for a career  Participate in extracurricular activities and social life  Consider the influence of family and friends 1 1 STEPSTEP Know yourself and your reasons for attending college

9  Majors and educational programs  Type of school and degrees offered  Admission policy  Location and size  Costs and financial aid  College affiliation and accreditation  Campus activities  Support services Consider college characteristics 2 2 STEP

10  Compile information from several resources: – Internet/Websites – College catalogs, viewbooks, videos, and computer-based services like – College representatives and college fairs – Counselors and teachers – Parents, students, and alumni – Directories and ACT score report Research, compare, and visit colleges 3 3 STEP

11  Narrow your choices  Review ACT college admission test requirements (including the optional Writing Test) PSAE  Know application fees and deadlines  Submit application materials (paper/electronic) –Application for admission –High school transcript –Recommendations –Admission test results  Know scholarship requirements Apply for admission and meet all deadlines 4 4 STEP

12 Checklist for a campus visit  Meet with an admission counselor  Verify admission requirements  Determine actual college costs  Ask about financial aid opportunities  Take a campus tour  Investigate your academic program(s)  Attend a class  Talk with students and faculty

13  Determine college costs  Investigate ALL possible resources – Parents – Savings – Summer earnings – Financial aid: scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study – Other sources  Secure necessary forms and note deadlines  Apply for financial aid as early as possible 5 5 STEP Develop a plan to pay for your education

14  Show initiative and be assertive  Select a college that meets your needs and preferences  Follow up with colleges to which you have applied 6 6 STEP Review and finalize your plans

15 Parent Tasks in College Planning Make a realistic college list. Review your financial situation with your child, complete FAFSA and scholarship applications. The most important thing you can do is to be there and support them. 14

16 Counselor Tasks in College Planning College/Career Advising Individualized Senior Interviews Process Student Applications Assure students have completed ACT Financial Aid Night Scholarship Newsletter 15

17 College is a Pathway to Opportunity In a global economy where the most valuable skill you can sell is your knowledge, a good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity – it is a prerequisite. – President Barack Obama 16

18 Thank You

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