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Understanding Health and Wellness 6 th Grade Health CCCS: 2.1.6A Personal Health.

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1 Understanding Health and Wellness 6 th Grade Health CCCS: 2.1.6A Personal Health

2 INTRODUCTION ● Health – Is the _______________________ ● ________________ – is a state of well-being or balanced health over a long period of time. ● Health constantly changes; however, it is your overall wellness that takes a balanced approach to your longevity.

3 Dimensions of Wellness 1. Physical Health 2. 2. ______________ 3. Family/Social Health These dimensions of wellness work in coordination with each other to affect your overall health CHART

4 ___________________ ● Involves the condition of your body ● Eating a well ___________ ● Doing plenty of physical activity ● Maintaining____________________ ● Getting the appropriate amount of sleep ● Scheduling regular check-ups with doctors ● _______________________ ● Practicing healthy habits

5 Practices of to Improve Physical Health Exercise daily _______________ Shower regularly using soap and shampoo Avoid Tobacco and other drugs Get _____________ of sleep each day Rest when you are sick Go for routine check-ups to the doctors and dentist Keep immunizations up to date Learn how to manage ____________ Thorough hand-washing to avoid spreading pathogens _________________________________

6 ____________/Emotional Health ● Mental Health refers to your ability to solve problems and handle daily events ● Emotional Health involves feelings such as happiness, sadness and anger ● If you are mentally/emotionally healthy you can face challenges in a positive yet realistic way ● Involves being patient with yourself while learning new skills and understand that making mistakes is natural ● Focus energy to create a sense of accomplishment ● Take ___________ so that you get a sense of control in your life

7 Think about a situation or behavior that would influence the quality of your life by either promoting good health or threatening it. Take a minute, and in your notebook, write an example that would represent an experience you had. For instance: How do you behave when... You are faced with learning something new You are caught in the middle of a hectic daily schedule You brought your phone or Ipod to school, and later, you realized it is nowhere to be found Everybody is faced with similar dilemmas everyday; yet, it is how you learn to tackle problems and to resolve the issues that helps you reduce your stress and live a healthy lifestyle.

8 Personal Skills to Enhance Your Mental /Emotional Health ● ______________: ● Decisions influence the quality of one's health. Think of possible consequences for the decisions you make. ● _____________: ● This enables you to think critically and solve problems. You will become a responsible and self-directed learner, and effective communicator. ● ___________: ● To be resilient is the ability to recover and learn from misfortune, change, or pressure.

9 ___________/ Social Health ● This aspect of health describes how well you relate to others at home, school and elsewhere. ● Strong ___________ and warm relationships are signs of good social health ● Provides you with confidence and a feeling of ________ ____________ ● Understand how to voice your opinion without being argumentative or disrespectful ● Being able to give affection in appropriate ways and receive it as well

10 Think about your family.... What type of support do you get from your family? Do you have any responsibilities at home? What is the relationship you have with siblings? How do your family members communicate? Take some notes in your notebook Think about your friends... What type of qualities do you look for in a friend? How do you handle arguments with your friends? Take some notes in your notebook

11 Skills to Enhance Social Health ● Communication Skills – Be a good __________ – Must be able to speak well and listen carefully – Speaking skills help you express your ideas and feelings in helpful ways – Listening skills help you understand messages others send you

12 Skills to Enhance Social Health ● ________________ – Ways to say no effectively, to avoid a behavior that is unhealthy, unsafe, or goes against your values or beliefs. – For Example: – Say no.... Keep saying no like a “broken record” – Tell why you can not – Offer an alternate idea – Walk away if necessary

13 Skills to Enhance Social Health ● Conflict Resolution – Having the ability to end a disagreement or end a conflict – A conflict is a disagreement between people with opposing viewpoints interests or needs. Conflict is a normal part of life but how you deal with it is important to your social health ● Conflict Resolution Tips: – Take time out to calm down – Allow each person to tell his/her side of the story with out interruption – Allow time for each person to ask questions of one another – Calmly try to come to an agreement or agree that you just do not see it the same way

14 Building Blocks for Total Health ● Assessing information ● Practicing healthful behaviors ● Stress Management ____________________ ● Conflict Resolutions Skills ● Refusal Skills ● _______________ ● Goal Setting ● Lifetime Fitness

15 Review ● Physical Wellness – Maintaining healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising and being mindful of proper hygiene ● Mental/Emotional Wellness – Maintaining positive self-esteem and self fulfilling habits such has happiness and stress management. – Understand how intellectually approach learning and information gathering ● Family/Social Health and Wellness – Getting along with others: friends and family – Practicing communication skills – Giving and receiving support

16 Project ● Within your group you will create a comic strip with a minimum of nine frames. ● Must have at least three frames for each of the three dimension of health and wellness: – Physical – Mental/Emotional – Family/Social ● Must have a storyline and graphics ● Group will have to draw up a rough draft and have it approved before beginning the final drawing: – Each person in the group in expected to have a rough draft sheet.

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