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Chapter 1 – Lesson 1 Understanding health and wellness

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1 Chapter 1 – Lesson 1 Understanding health and wellness
S. Jett, NBCT Montevallo Middle School 2013

2 Health Inventory Write ALWAYS – SOMETIMES – or NEVER for each of the following statements. I get at least nine hours of sleep each night. I am a good listener. I try to feel my life with positive people and activities.

3 The Health Triangle Your total health is made up of three parts like a triangle. Health – is a combination of physical, mental/emotional and social well- being.

4 Physical Health Physical health involves the condition of your body.
How do you know if you have good physical health? What can you do to have good physical health?

5 Tips For Good Physical Health
See your doctor and dentist for regular check-ups. Practice healthful hygiene such as daily baths, brushing teeth, and taking care of hair. Wear safety/protective equipment and follow safety rules. Exercise 60 minutes a day and eat a well-balanced diet, including breakfast. Get plenty of rest – about 9 hours each night. Avoid risky behaviors such as using tobacco, alcohol or other drugs. Manage stress and feelings in healthy ways

6 Mental/Emotional Health
Mental health refers to your ability to solve problems and handle the daily events of your life. Emotional health involves feelings such as happiness, sadness and anger. If you are mentally/emotionally healthy, you can face challenges in a positive and realistic way.

7 Tips for Mental/Emotional Health
Understand strengths and weaknesses Set goals and be open to learning new skills Express your feelings clearly and calmly Making healthful choices and participate in activities that you enjoy Being honest and trustworthy Being respectful and take responsibility for your actions Be patient

8 Social Health Social health describes how you relate to people.
Strong friendships and warm family relationships are signs of good social health. What can you do to develop positive relationships?

9 Tips for Social Health Be respectful, friendly and open toward other people, and learn to disagree without arguing Be supportive of friends and family members. Help and encourage others. Be reliable and show people that they can count on you. Show people that you care about them and develop a close friendship with at least one person. Be considerate and accept others for who they are. Listen carefully when people need to talk and pay attention to the words I use when speaking

10 Your Overall Wellness What is the difference between health and wellness? Wellness - is a state of well-being or balanced health over a longer period of time. How can you maintain overall wellness?

11 Overall Wellness Practice positive health habits by making smart choices for your mind and body. When you practice positive health behaviors, you help prevent injury, illness, disease, and other health problems.

12 Mind-Body Connection Your emotions have a lot to do with your physical health. Think about an event in your life that made you feel sad. Sometimes people have a difficult time dealing with their emotions and it can negatively impact their health. For example, they might get upset stomachs, colds, flu, or even more serious diseases. Why do you think that this happens?

13 Mind-Body Connection The mind-body connection is how your emotions affect your physical and overall health and how your overall health affects your emotions. This is why it is so important to keep your health triangle in balance.

14 A Picture of Health What does a healthy person look like?
Healthy people eat nutritious foods and participate in regular physical activity. They have the energy to do the work that they need to do, plus extra energy for fun. They use their time alone in useful ways. They can think clearly and learn new skills and information. They get along with others.

15 ACTIVITY – Photo Collage
In this activity, you and your classmates will make a photo collage featuring people who display physical, mental/emotional and social health. Directions – A PICTURE OF HEALTH 1. As a group, look through magazines to find pictures of people demonstrating all 3 types of health. Try to find images that show a variety of ages, then paste the images on your board.

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