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NV V5.7 Product Presentation. Brand New Professional GUI  Multiple User Interface for different look and feel  Audio indicator on camera (play audio.

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1 NV V5.7 Product Presentation

2 Brand New Professional GUI  Multiple User Interface for different look and feel  Audio indicator on camera (play audio on 4/9/16 cam view)  Select area to enlarge preview image Titanium SilverElectric Red

3 Compact Mode  Full screen display  Password protection  Minimize operational errors with key functions (Split screen display/Autoscan/Alarm/Playback) for user.

4 Multiplex functions  Multiplex Capable! No need to stop Networking and Recording when editing system configuration.

5 System Setting Status Report Periodical report of HDD space, power on, CPU loading, memory usage or any abnormal events. Auto Login Improve efficiency Attention Please Enable dialogs to trace operator on the job attention span. Fast Configuration Import/Export configuration saves time when setting up multiple DVRs. Enable network storage

6 Attention Please!! *Patent-pending  Attention dialog Appears up to 24 times a day randomly requesting the operator’s acknowledgement.  Attention Analysis Helps define the performance of security personnel.

7 Versatile Video Sources – IP Camera IP Camera Support IP cam on both server and remote AP. Remote Camera Receive video stream from remote NV DVR (channel selectable).

8 Minimize System Integration Costs Internet Remote DVR IP Cam NV DVR NV3000/5000/6000/7000 Capture card

9 IP Camera List  AXIS (205, 206, 210, 212, 213)  Vivotek  O’rite  SONY  Panasonic  How to connect IP cam not on our list? IP camera requirement Built-in Web server Can grab image from URL command How to get URL command? User’s manual of IP cam Technical document of IP cam Ask for FAE help from IP cam vendor If you need our help to add new IP cam, please provide Demo site of IP cam with public IP A documentation with the stated URL command

10 Full D1 Resolution Voice Detection Recording Start recording when noise is detected at selected sensitivity level. 720x480 D1 resolution Enhancement on NV3K/5K. Smart Recording Minimize HDD space but ensure video is being recorded continuously. Max fps: motion detected Min fps: no motion H.264 compression Better compression ratio. Video Encryption Protect the confidentiality of selected camera

11 Video Encryption Password protection to encrypt selected camera on playback.

12 Enhance Video Quality  De-interlace Optimize Dynamic or Static camera scene  Video Enhancer Post process video quality and convert video clips

13 Improved Backup Function Right Click to Backup by minutes. Direct burn backup files to CD/DVD.

14 Schedule Setting Right click to setup quarter schedule

15 Playback Feature Bookmark search By time, description Protect recorded files from being recycled Show file status Set Segment Select video clip and convert single or multiple cams into the AVI format instantly.

16 Bookmark  Save and mark selected recorded data (single or multiple cameras) and playback directly from the “bookmarked” links.  File Protect recorded data from HDD recycle function.

17 Full Screen Playback with Control Panel

18 Event Log Viewer  Search log files by event, operation, POS, system, network and all.  Sort by time, camera, type and event.

19 Advanced Alarm Setting – Joint Event Joint Event Alarm is triggered when single (any) or multiple (all) conditions are enabled. Alarm SOP Instruct security guard to handle emergency. Send to CMS Send video of alarmed cameras to CMS directly.

20 New Alarm Action  Email Setting  SMS / MMS  Alarm SOP Test e-mail account Select the number of pictures and the quality attached to e-mail. Instruct operator with steps to deal with emergency when alarm is triggered.

21 Advanced Alarm Action Set recording rate when alarm triggered Relay auto-retrieve after alarm triggered

22 Alarm Status Control Relay control at both local and remote side.

23 Remote Playback Quick image search for video clip in one hour segments Download and play

24 PDA Viewer Live Audio Select Camera Video Quality

25 CM1000 – Central Management System Motion detection Alarm triggered Remote backup System status PTZ control Remote playback Remote desktop 2-way audio  Remote control of 8 servers / 128 channels at 1024 x 768.  Switch between dual/single monitor.

26 Web Tools – Dispatch Server 30  Share DVR loading for remote access DVR ServerDispatch server LAN Internet Webcam client

27 Web Tools – Remote Backup  Active backup from remote side Gradually check recorded data every Hour Actively copy files not backed up yet onto the remote PC  NEW feature in v5.7: Schedule and Recycle functions DVR Server Check data Copy files from DVR to remote backup server Remote backup DATA

28 Q&A Other Questions? For more information, please call [insert phone] [insert company name]

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