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Legal Meetings: Extended Instructions on Movica and Screencast.

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Welcome! If you joined the conference via telephone, please enter your audio pin if you havent already. (The image on the right is an example - your audio.

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1 Legal Meetings: Extended Instructions on Movica and Screencast

2 Detailed Instructions on Movica: Introducing Movica Movica is an open-source project on It lets you edit.wmv files (among other things) Your computer should be running at least Win XP, have the.NET platform (almost always installed with one of those automatic Windows Updates) and the Windows Media Player It does a good job with basic movie editing but does not provide features such as separate sound editing, conversion into other formats etc. yet.

3 A note about viewing streaming video while in G2M / G2W You may not see any video inside the Movica demo window. You may not see any other video that someone is sharing via their screen either. This is because there are hardware acceleration settings that are associated with your display unit. Unless you are familiar with these settings we suggest that you do not change them on your computer just for this purpose.

4 How to begin editing Open your movie file (.wmv). It takes a minute or two to load it all into memory. Notice the controls at the bottom of the player.

5 Editing out the training introduction Play the movie and click the Selection Start or press [Home] on keyboard. At the point where you want to end the selection click the Selection End or press [End] on keyboard. Your selected clip is placed in the right pane. Repeat with every segment that you wish to remove.

6 Preview your movie before saving Highlight all the clips on the right (that you want to remove from your movie) and then click Play Play Not Selected. You will be able to preview what your movie will now look & sound like.

7 Save your new edited movie Highlight all the clips on the right (that you want to remove from your movie) and then click File Save Without Selected Parts. You will be prompted for a filename.

8 Other Movica Save options It is possible that you might want to save the parts you selected to saved and the rest to be discarded. This is done by just File Save selected Parts. To save each of the selections as a separate file, click on File Save Selections as separate files.

9 Plenty of Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts help with precision editing! If a clip on the right pane is highlighted, the Left & Right arrow keys fine tune the clip start position while [Shift+Left] and [Shift+Right] fine tune the clip end position. There are other editing tasks such as splitting or joining that you can do with Movica, just play with the options. Make sure to work on a copy of the recording so that nothing is lost in error.

10 Movica resources available online Please visit http://vani.bhargav.go ahelp

11 Other Editing Options Camtasia is another strong option featuring more advanced capabilities for editing. Please note, however, that Camtasia is not free. $$$

12 Storing Files In order to post these files to a website, the files need to be hosted. NTAP suggests as a free hosting tool.

13 What is hosting (storing)? Hosting is an arrangement in which a web host (often an internet service provider) maintains clients' websites on its computers and provides related services. These services may include leasing of hard disk space, maintenance of hardware and software, provision of backup and security, content integrity, credit card processing, email boxes, and high speed internet connection.

14 Create your user account

15 Signing up is very easy. Make sure you choose the free option.

16 Once an account is created, login

17 Add recorded training to you media library by browsing your file folders Simply click browse and search for the desired file location. Download time varies depending upon file size.

18 Completed download Be sure your file is completely downloaded before you procede. A check mark indicates a successful download.

19 Additional options menus

20 A quick note about other hosting options for your archive If your program has a server you can post your recorded files directly to your sever. A video server is preferred if you happen to have access to a video server.

21 Posting a recording hosted on to your site Please note individual sites and content management systems may require slightly different steps

22 Access the embedded share link

23 Post the link into your page If you have access to the source page of your site or use a content management system, you can paste the html code that you just copied and view the movie clip running on your site in its own window.

24 Drupal NTAP Site Example Please note that some content management systems will require that the embedded link be pasted into the html editor.

25 Paste the code into your content management system.

26 Resources PowerPoint slides, the resource page and a recording of this training (imagine that ;~) ) will be available at For large file transfers, use For editing.wmv files, download movica from Movica_Beta6_6.msi?download Movica_Beta6_6.msi?download For hosting recorded files, visit to sign up and

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