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NUUO MainConsole.

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1 NUUO MainConsole

2 NUUO Solution CMS NVR IP+ NDVR(Hybrid) DVR

3 NUUO MainConsole Up to 64CH per server and 128CH Remote LiveView
Support H.264 and megapixel cameras Open platform Supports 52 brands of IP cameras, over 1100 models 3rd party integration: LPR, access control, POS Multiple viewers Windows Active Directory

4 NUUO MainConsole Support transcoding.
-Users can have different resolution/frame rate between recorded video and remote live video. Auto backup Auto load balance – dynamic disk spanning Support digital watermark. Supported by NUUO CMS

5 NUUO MainConsole Privacy Mask Boosting Recording
Support Panomorph PTZ Camera (360°)- ImmerVision Lens Smart detection of 6 events with 10 instant responses On the edge motion detection E-map Copy pictures from: PTZ control Quad Mode Perimeter Mode

6 To save your time on construction and training!
Easy and Scalable Easy to install Device auto detection Graphical schedule Easy to use E-map Embedded video analytics Auto backup Scalable solution Hybrid in one software Open platform Supported by CMS To save your time on construction and training!

7 Why NUUO? Your Best Choice

8 Fact #1 Hybrid - Total solution with simple one software interface.

9 Fact #2 3rd party integration – Manage video and transaction in one platform
Access control LPR POS (TCP based must be fully integrated) IBM SurePOS 500

10 Fact #3 NUUO software supports the most IP camera models in the world.
--Support 52 Brands, over 1100 models

11 Fact #4 Transcode and Stream profile – Save your bandwidth and storage
High Quality Low Quality Save bandwidth Server Remote Live View Save storage space Server Low Quality Recording Live View High Quality Video

12 Fact #5 Panoramic cameras – see everything around you without missing anything
Fully ImmerVision PTZ support Original ,PTZ , Quad, Perimeter Mode supported Available on both Live display and playback Copy pictures from: PTZ control Quad Mode Perimeter Mode

13 Fact #6 Advanced features – make your surveillance easier
Embedded Video Analysis Panomorph PTZ Camera (360°) E-Map GUI Recording Schedule Intelligent Playback Video Enhancement Privacy Mask Boosting Recording Windows Active Directory Supported by CMS

14 V3.5.0 New Features

15 V3.5 Release!! Windows Active Directory Auto Backup
3rd Party Integration Boosting Recording Privacy Mask Edge Motion Detection Multiple Motion Sensitivity

16 Windows Active Directory
Benefit and features: Improve services through centralized management capabilities Synced users and groups from AD Server Auto update data from AD Server Users and groups Mainconsole AD Server

17 Auto Backup Benefit and features:
Schedule backup in daily or weekly mode Backup to any kinds of network drives, including NAS, SAN, iSCSI, DAS Backup video and audio Backup with playback Backup video and audio Mainconsole Network Drive

18 Boosting Recording Benefit and features:
Event recording in higher frame rate Managing high volume of video data efficiently Normal: 1 fps Boosting recording: 30 fps

19 Privacy Mask Benefit and features: Block out sensitive areas from view
Cover the areas with black boxes in both live view and recorded clips

20 Edge Motion Detection Benefit and features: Detect motion from camera
Event trigger recording Event notification: OSD, , SMS, FTP, CMS Smart search with playback Reduce CPU Motion Detection Mainconsole *Recording *Event notification

21 Multiple Motion Sensitivity
Benefit and features: Reduce false motion detection Trigger events with different motion sensitivity Low Sensitivity High Sensitivity

22 3rd party integration Benefit and features:
Up to 64 channels License management Show data over video Alarm notice User-defined event Data management Smart search with playback E-Map popup *Access control- Software House Plugin *LPR – Visec Plugin

23 3rd Party integration Show data on video of NUUO product
Type: 1.Metadata Plugin Show data on video of NUUO product 2.SDK Integration (NUUO Integration) Get video from NUUO product to 3rd party SW 3.SDK Request (3rd Party Integration) *Request table

24 Integration type 1: Metadata Plugin Access Control Filtered Metadata
MainConsole Event LPR POS

25 Integration type 2: Provide AP or DLL for 3rd party Ex: AP Live Video
Call Video Management Server/ MainConsole Recorded Video

26 Architecture

27 Improvement Remote Client Remote live view support 16:9
An audible alert on the remote client Separate privilege of remote live view and playback Auto login group in remote live view Auto populate added cameras in Liveviewer and Webviewer

28 Improvement Smart Guard and Event
Smart Guard schedule (Daily and weekly mode) Send a series of snapshot to FTP and can select resolution Digital input event life cycle Close Output as a timed event Add Stop action to cancel Smart Guard causes continuous patrol

29 Improvement Others: Arecont panoramic camera license
Playback display type: Thin and Thick line CPU and Motherboard Temperature Limitation

30 Success story

31 2010 60 countries 14,000 installations

32 Look forward to our cooperation
For more information, please go to our website: Further Sales issue, please contact... Technical issue, please contact… Marketing issue, please contact

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