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Ascendent Technology Group Inc. is a dynamic fast growing company, committed to providing the CCTV industry with innovative and advanced products and.

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2 Ascendent Technology Group Inc. is a dynamic fast growing company, committed to providing the CCTV industry with innovative and advanced products and technologies. With a singular commitment to the aggressive pursuit of product development and customer satisfaction, Ascendent continues to be an industry leader. We believe our sophisticated products provide simple solutions to the most complex security demands. Ascendent is proud to provide exceptional customer service and professional quality products.

3 X3 Series Ascendent’s third generation of DVRs offer incredible value with superior image recording and storage capacity. The X3 series offers advanced features and cutting edge technology to bring you a complete 24/7 security solution for today’s demanding security needs; recording, searching, remote viewing and playback have never been faster or easier.

4 Available with up to 32 video and audio inputs Special event/holiday modes 12 different live view modes 6x digital zoom Blu-ray burner for up to 50GB on a single backup disk RAS Server Setup Video Loss Protection Windows Keylock Save Disk Management Shortcut Functionality 5 Distinct Search Engines Full System Recovery in 2:30 Minutes HDD S.M.A.R.T. Technology Stable 850W continuous output Supports IE and client connection Camera move Detection alert Multiple PTZ control/setup onsite and remotely Strict voltage regulation (±3%) provides steady power to the system. Integrated POS/ATM Event Time Indicator E-Map configuration Unlimited multi-level user capabilities 5 Motion Zones Per Camera PIP Feature Ultra Durable All-Solid Capacitors PC Health Monitor Available with Intel Quad Core 3.0GHz Intensive Recording Virtual Keyboard Voice Alert Fast data archiving Log Viewer Single viewer JPEG Image Capture Reliable high-quality Components Instant search and recording Available Features

5 C The X3 series uses hardware and software compression technology in tandem to produce the smallest file size in the industry, allowing X3 DVRs to stream high quality video over TCP/IP, wireless, and cellular networks.



8 US certified watermarking technology 5 distinct search engines: object, day, bar-graph, real-time, multi-time X3 Series

9 Day Search Day Search breaks the day into 24 one hour segments, which can all be played back simultaneously, or individually by clicking on the thumbnail. This allows users to go through a whole day of video quickly and efficiently.

10 Day Search Day Search can be further broken down into segments as small as 1 minute, using the same intuitive graphical interface.

11 Object Search Object Search allows you to draw a motion box, and then view time- stamped video that was captured in your selected parameters.

12 Bar Graph Search Bar Graph Search uses a color-coded graphical user interface to identify and view video of multiple or single cameras from a specific time period.

13 Real-time Player Real-time Player syncs audio and video, as well as individual frames to provide smooth continual high-quality video playback.

14 Multi-time Player Multi-time Player allows playback of multiple video streams from different times and cameras simultaneously.

15 X3 DVRs are available with up to 16 channel inputs, recording each camera at a full 30 frames per second. Up to 16TB of onsite storage can easily store over a year’s worth of video. Simple user-friendly Graphical User Interface, allows for easy configuration of all the DVR settings, including complex I/O operations.

16 I/O Configuration Page IO page.JPG

17 Recording can be programmed for continuous, motion, and complex I/O triggers, all of which can be changed on an individual camera basis. Email Notification to provide system status reports on: HDD State, Sensors, Relays, Login/Logout, Motion Detection, Alarms and more.

18 The X3 client software enables users to remotely connect to 32 separate X3 Series units simultaneously. With our new central monitoring software, users can control, view, and receive video alarms from over 1000 separate X3 units. This enables access to over 16000 cameras with an easy to use graphical user interface.

19 Our groundbreaking backup software allows you to quickly burn video into multiple formats. The DVR video player is automatically burned onto the CD/DVD. When you insert the disc the software auto runs on any PC allowing you to view and search your archived data. All the search features are included. Video can be turned into a watermarked AVI file right from the CD without any special software.

20 The X3 offers the best of both worlds; the processing power of a PC with the stability of a standalone. Ascendent uses the latest high-end PC components that provide power and longevity, and a proprietary Windows XP Embedded DVR OS specifically designed and tailored for Ascendent DVRs. All X3 units can be equipped with a recovery solution that can restore the OS, drivers and software to the exact state of a preset restore point in under 2:30 minutes. Scheduled Network Backup.

21 X3 External Storage Each X3 external 1U rackmount storage device can hold 4 HDDs, currently allowing for up to 4TB of additional space. Stackable, allowing for virtually unlimited expandable storage space. Available in RAID configurations for additional redundancy. USB 2.0, or IEEE 1394 Firewire connection. Read/Write speeds of over 30MB/s.

22 Ascendent sought to create more then just a DVR, but rather a complete security solution that accommodates the needs of, global enterprise, government, and corporate projects. The X3 is the clear choice for a complete all in one security solution, with its superb images, unmatched reliability, innovative features, and longevity of storage all built into a graphical user- friendly interface.

23 Headquarters: 918 Kootenay Street N Cranbrook, BC V1C 3V3 E-mail: Phone: 1-250-426-8100 Toll-free: 1-866-200-9191 Fax: 1-250-426-8170

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