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The Constitution of The United States of America

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1 The Constitution of The United States of America
3 Parts Preamble Articles Amendments

2 The 3 parts Preamble Has 8 parts Articles There are 7 articles
Amendments There are 27 First 10 are known as the “Bill of Rights”

3 Article #1 Legislative Branch
Also known as “Congress” - Two Houses House of Representatives -Must be at least 25 years old -Serve 2 year terms -Must be 7 years a U.S. citizen -Must live in state they represent House of Senate -Must be at least 30 years old -Serve 6 year terms -Must be 9 years a U.S. citizen -Must live in state they represent

4 Article #2 Executive Branch
Also known as “President” Must be at least 35 years old Serve 4 year terms Can only serve up to 2 terms Must be 14 years a U.S. citizen Must be born in U.S.

5 Article #3 Judicial Branch
Also known as “Supreme Court” Has 9 justices, 1 is the Chief Justice Can be any age Serve life terms (Retire, Impeached, Death)

6 Article 4 RELATIONS AMONG STATES Citizens of each state have rights
in other states Criminals who flee to another state will be returned

7 Article 5 Amending the Constitution 2/3 of both houses can propose
a new amendment 3/4 of all states to pass amendment

8 Article 6 Constitution is the Supreme Law
No other laws can over ride Constitution

9 Article 7 How to ratify the Constitution
9 of the 13 states had to approve the Constitution before it became law

10 1st Amendment List of our basic freedoms RAPPS Religion Assembly Press
Petition Speech

11 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms Right to own guns Right to a militia

12 3rd Amendment No quartering of soldiers
Soldiers cannot be quartered in a home without owner’s consent They may in times of war following laws established for that purpose

13 4th Amendment Search & Seizure Your home is your castle
Police need a warrant to enter your home

14 5th Amendment Due Process Cannot be tried twice for same offence
Do not have to witness against self Be deprived of life & liberty Cannot take away private property

15 6th Amendment Right to a Fair, Speedy Trial Be informed of accusation
Know who the witnesses against him Time to get witnesses in your favor Have the assistance of a lawyer

16 7th Amendment Right to a Jury Trial if loss is over $20
Jury’s decision cannot be reexamined

17 8th Amendment No Cruel or Unusual Punishment No Excessive Bail
No Excessive Fines

18 9th Amendment Powers Reserved for the People
There are more rights than just those listed in the Constitution

19 10th Amendment Powers Reserved to the States
States control the rights not listed in the Constitution States decide how old to get married States decide how old to drive

20 11th Amendment Suits against states Limits the jurisdiction of the
Federal Courts Supreme Court does not have power to try lawsuits between states

21 12th Amendment Electing President & Vice President
Changed how we vote for President Use to be second most votes was V.P.

22 13th Amendment Ended Slavery Also gave Congress power to enforce
this amendment

23 14th Amendment Extended Rights to ALL citizens
Originally to protect rights of freed slaves

24 15th Amendment Extended Voting Rights to ALL citizens
You could not be denied the right to vote because of your race

25 16th Amendment Income Tax The Federal Government can tax
everyone’s income

26 17th Amendment Direct Election of Senators
People from each state elect senators State Legislatures use to vote for senators

27 18th Amendment Prohibition Could not make, transfer, or sell alcohol
Does not say you could drink alcohol

28 19th Amendment Women get to Vote Females FINALLY get to vote

29 20th Amendment Lame Duck Amendment
Shortened the time between Presidents

30 21st Amendment Throws out the 18th Amendment

31 22nd Amendment Limits the number of terms for a President
Limits Presidents TO TWO terms

32 23rd Amendment Voting in the District of Columbia

33 24th Amendment Ended Poll Tax Did not have to pay to vote
A poll tax kept poor people from voting

34 25th Amendment Presidential Succession Established who is next in line
to be President

35 26th Amendment 18 Year Olds get to Vote
18 Year Olds were fighting in the Vietnam War but could not vote for people who decided if we went to war.

36 27th Amendment How Congress gets pay raises
They had to be re-elected before getting raise

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