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Government Final Exam Review

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1 Government Final Exam Review

2 Basic Principles of the U.S. Constitution
Popular Sovereignty The power of government comes from the people and can govern only by the consent of the people Limited Government The federal government only has the power given to it by the Constitution Separation of Powers The powers make, enforce and interpret laws are divided into three separate branches Checks and Balances Each branch of government has power to check the power of the other two branches Judicial Review The federal courts can review acts of the federal and state governments and cancel acts that are unconstitutional Federalism Power is shared between the national government and the state governments

3 Separation of Powers

4 Checks and Balances

5 Congress Chart House of Reps. Senate population 2 each state 435 100
Basis of representation population 2 each state # of members 435 100 Length of term 2 years 6 years 1/3 are elected every 2 years Age requirement 25 30 Citizenship requirement 7 years 9 years Unique powers Initiate revenue bills Impeachment Select president if no candidate win a majority of the electoral college Approve presidential appointments Approve treaties by a 2/3 majority Impeachment trial

6 The U.S Constitution Preamble- lists the goals of the gov.
Article I- Legislative branch Article II- Executive Branch Article III- Judicial Branch Article IV- States Article V- Amendments Article VI- Supremacy of the Constitution Article VII- Ratification

7 Bill of Rights 1st- Religion, press, speech, assembly, and petition
2nd- right to bear arms 3rd- gov may not require citizens to house soldiers 4th- no unreasonable searches and seizures 5th- no one may deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of the law 6th- right to a trial by jury in criminal cases 7th- right to a trial by jury in civil cases 8th- no excessive fines, bail, or punishment 9th- rights not mentioned in the Constitution belong to the people 10th- powers not given to the national government are reserved to the states or the people

8 Other Amendments 13th- Slavery and Involuntary Servitude
14th- Rights of Citizens 15th- Right to Vote- Race, Color, Servitude 16th- Income Tax 18th- Prohibition of Intoxicating Liquors 19th- Women’s Suffrage 21st- Repeal of Prohibition 24th- Right to Vote- Poll Tax 26th- Right to Vote- Age

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