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LET’S DO THIS The 27 Amendments. 1 st Amendment Speech Religion Petition Assembly Press.

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1 LET’S DO THIS The 27 Amendments

2 1 st Amendment Speech Religion Petition Assembly Press

3 2 nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms Well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. 2 Arms

4 3 rd Amendment Quartering Troops No soldier shall, in time of peace, be quartered in any home without content of the owner Threes company

5 4 th Amendment Search and Seizure The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects and no warrants shall be issue without probable cause. What are you looking 4?

6 5 th Amendment Rights of Accused Persons. Plead the 5 th. Double jeopardy I Plead the _______!

7 6 th Amendment Right to a speedy, public trial. Speedy and public trial. Impartial jury Reason for accusation. Confronted with the witnesses. Assistance of counsel. Speedy Six

8 7 th Amendment Trial by jury in civil cases. Any crimes exceeding $20, right to trial preserved.

9 8 th Amendment Limits of Fines and Punishments. No excessive bail, fines, or cruel and unusual punishment. Cruel and Unusual

10 9 th Amendment Rights of People. Just because a right isn't guaranteed in the Constitution does not mean the right is not granted. First it is a right

11 10 th Amendment Powers of States and People. The powers not delegated to the US in the constitution are reserved to the states or the people. Then it is delegated to the states

12 11 th Amendment Lawsuits against states.

13 12 th Amendment Election of Executives. Electoral college elects President and VP. After 12 years you go to college.

14 13 th Amendment Slavery Abolished. Slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment is abolished. First Freedom

15 14 th Amendment Rights of the Citizens. All persons born in US are citizens. Due Process- civil liberties Equal Protection under the law Then become a citizen

16 15 th Amendment Right to vote. Regardless of race, color or previous condition of servitude Finally they get to vote

17 16 th Amendment Income Tax Federal government can lay and collect income taxes You can get a job at 16, when you have a job, you pay income taxes

18 17 th Amendment Direct Election of Senators. The people, no longer the House of Representatives elects the Senate.

19 18 th Amendment Prohibition The sale, production, and consumption of alcohol is illegal 18 – you are an adult but you still can’t drink

20 19 th Amendment Woman Suffrage. Woman receive the right to vote.

21 20 th Amendment Lame Duck Sessions. Terms and succession for various parties involved. Lame birthday, lame duck

22 21 st Amendment Repeal of Prohibition. It is legal to drink again. 21... You can drink

23 22 nd Amendment Limit on Presidential Terms President can only be elected to serve 2 terms. Twenty- Two Two Terms

24 23 rd Amendment Voting in D.C. D.C. gets to vote in presidential elections and gets 3 electoral votes.

25 24 th Amendment Abolition of Poll Taxes No longer to people have to be able to pay a tax before being allowed to vote

26 25 th Amendment Presidential disability, succession The Vice President takes over when the President is unable to perform. 25 cause JFK died

27 26 th Amendment 18 year olds vote. Voting age lowered from 21 to 18 in response to the Vietnam War.

28 27 th Amendment Congressional Pay. Congress cannot vote on a pay raise for their election term.

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