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Planning the promotion Advertising Sales promotion Public relations

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1 Planning the promotion Advertising Sales promotion Public relations
direct mail coupons sweepstakes billboards website Planning the promotion Advertising Sales promotion Public relations Personal selling

2 Event Marketing Developing an effective promotional mix and corresponding budget requires an understanding of event marketing and types of promotions. event marketing all activities associated with the sale, distribution, and promotion of a sports event 2

3 Promotional Mix The different forms of promotion can be combined into a company’s promotional mix. Companies, teams, and individual athletes have the ability to target their markets and fans with a great variety of media and promotional tools. promotional mix any combination of advertising, sales promotion, publicity, direct marketing, and personal selling 3

4 Promotion in Sports Marketing
The functions of promotion in sports marketing are: Generate sales Attract a targeted audience Help create a positive image REMEMBER: all sporting events are business ventures, and therefore, must produce revenue to cover expenses 4

5 Promotional Budget 3 ways to determine a promotional budget:
Percentage of sales A set percentage of last year’s sales Competitive parity Industry trends, study competitors Objective-and-task method Whatever it takes to reach the objective AD BUDGETS: A 2004 Super Bowl ad costs $2.25 million for a 30-second, one time spot. But weekly Monday Night Football ads run $272,900 each. 5

6 The Role of Advertising
Since a company pays for advertising, it has control over the message it wants to deliver. advertising any paid promotion of an idea, good, or service by an identified sponsor promotional advertising advertising with a goal of selling an item being promoted Two types of advertising are: Promotional advertising institutional advertising advertising with a goal of developing goodwill or positive image Institutional advertising 6

7 The Role of Advertising
The four types of advertising media are: Print Newspapers, magazines, direct mail, outdoor advertising, stadium signage Broadcast Radio and television Direct marketing Many types used to communicate directly with consumers Online advertising Banner advertising, company Web sites, online promotions What are some advantages and disadvantages of each type of media? 7

8 Sales Promotion Types of sales promotions include: Coupons Rebates
sales promotion a short-term incentive to get consumers interested in buying a product Coupons Rebates Samples Premiums Contests Sweepstakes Which sales promotions do you respond to most? 8

9 MLB Giveaways Rank Promotion % Increase in Game Attendance 1
Beanie baby 37.4 2 Beach towel 26.4 3 Umbrella 20.1 4 Coupon 20.0 5 Baseball cap 19.9 6 Fireworks show 19.1 7 Hat (not baseball cap) 17.3 8 Bat 15.0 9 Heritage/Family Days 14.9 10 Beanbag toy 14.4 Source: Street and Smith’s Sports Business Journal (1, no.25)

10 Public Relations Publicity gives a company an image that must be handled by a company’s public relations department. publicity the free mention of a product or company in the media public relations activities that promote the image and communications a company has with its employees, customers, investors, and public Is bad publicity better than no publicity? 10

11 Public Relations To alert the media in hopes of getting media coverage, companies, teams, and individuals prepare press kits and press releases. press releases a newsworthy article that provides the basic information to answer questions such as who, what, where, when, and why Press Release Link 11

12 Personal Selling Personal selling is important as part of the promotional mix because it allows for two-way communication between the buyer and seller. There are two types of selling—order taking and order getting. personal selling direct communication by a salesperson to potential customers either in person or by telephone What are some characteristics of a good salesperson? 12

13 Activity Sports Marketing Promotional Mix
Create a promotional mix using sports-related examples for each element of the mix. Use the template provided. Example Customizable Slide 13

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