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Advanced Fashion: Standard 8 Promotion

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1 Advanced Fashion: Standard 8 Promotion
Created by: Kris Caldwell Timpanogos High School

2 Fashion Promotion Purposes of Fashion Promotion:
Inform: Create awareness Persuade: Convince customers of benefits of the product Remind: Reinforces where products are available

3 Promotion Levels Consumer Promotion: Trade Promotion: Retail Promotion
Directly to consumers On a national level By textile and manufacturing firms Preselling to consumers (so they ask for it) Trade Promotion: Aimed within the industry Stresses performance of the product Can involve conventions and trade shows Retail Promotion By a store to it’s customers Usually on a local level Centered around seasons and traditional buying patterns.

4 Fashion Promotion Part of the Marketing Mix: Place, Product, Price, Promotion Promotional mix: the combination of all types of persuasive communication used by an organization to market itself and influence sales. Promotion mix for fashion companies: advertising, public relations and publicity, visual merchandising, and special events

5 Promotion Planning Promotion goals and objectives: Message or theme
Used to evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion Could include selling certain merchandise, larger sales in general, or increased market share Message or theme Specific Activities Should relate to goals and objectives

6 Promotion Planning , cont.
Timing of Activities How many messages to run How often to run them Length of time (weeks, month) Media Mix Newspaper, radio, etc Assignments of responsibility Specifies people and departments to create and carry out each aspect of the promotion Budget and Expenditures Evaluation Methods

7 Terms to know: Publicity any non-paid message that communicates information about a company’s merchandise, services, and activities Public Relations a promotional technique that uses any form of communication to create a positive image for a business Advertising a paid message that a business sends about its fashion products or ideas

8 Terms to know: Institutional Advertising: image or corporate advertising designed to sell public awareness and the reputation of an organization as a whole, rather than selling specific products Cooperative Advertising: advertising done jointly by a manufacturer and a retailer with the cost shared

9 Terms to know: National Advertising: ads sponsored by companies that sell products on a nationwide basis to create general demand for products Regional Advertising: ads within an area of adjoining states or a confined section of the country Local Advertising: ads sponsored by local merchants that provide details about where to find products and their prices and quantities available

10 Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages
Newspaper Advantages: Low cost for large coverage Geographic selectivity Products can be shown Disadvantages: Wasted circulation-not targeted Short life-papers thrown out Limited or poor color reproduction

11 Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages
Magazines Advantages: Longer life span of message Excellent quality of color and detail More targeted readership Disadvantages: Limited demonstration value Space is expensive More professional preparation needed

12 Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages
Outdoor Advantages: Can select geographic location Repetitive viewing from audience Minimal cost per viewing Disadvantages: Only a short, general message Some wasted audience coverage Considered offensive by some people

13 Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages
Direct Mail Advantages: Control of what is sent Precise selectivity of receivers Results can be evaluated Disadvantages: High cost per receiver Hard to get mailing lists Consumer resistance-junk mail thrown out

14 Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages
Radio Advantages: Universally used medium Short preparation and lead time Fairly low cost Disadvantages: No opportunity for visual impact Message is fleeting, short life Some wasted coverage

15 Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages
Television Advantages: Very popular consumer medium Can reach large audiences Has sight, sound, motion Disadvantages: High cost of time and production Message is fleeting Longer lead time needed

16 Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages
Video: Advantages: Attracts attention near merchandise Has entertainment carryover Can be replayed many times Disadvantages: Not effective advertising Need special expertise to produce

17 Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages
Web Sites Advantages: Interactive Current to reflect newest trends Instant worldwide market access Disadvantages: Audience limited to computer users People can “click off” if not easy and understandbale

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