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Rising 6th Grade Scheduling Information

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1 Rising 6th Grade Scheduling Information

2 LCPS Middle School Program of Studies
Both the Middle and High School Program of Studies are Located on the Main Page of the LCPS Website. The program of studies link is at the bottom of the page under permanent links.

3 Block Scheduling Language Arts Every Day Four Classes Per Day
Classes Approximately 90 Minutes Each Semester Classes Music/Resource – Each 45 Minutes

4 6th Grade Required Courses
Language Arts 6 US History 6 Science 6 Math Health & PE Resource / Fine Arts Elective Keyboarding / Art – Semester Classes

5 6th Grade Electives Pick 1 Fine Arts Elective Beginning Strings Chorus
Beginning Band Beginning Strings Chorus Music Lab Instrument nights were held the last week in January and a make up night was held on February 4, 2015.


7 Typical Middle School Math Progression
Math 6 -> Math 7 -> Math 8 or Math 6 -> Math 7 -> Algebra 1 Accel Math 6/7-> Math 8 ->Algebra 1 Accel Math 6/7 -> Algebra 1 -> Geometry

8 Math Placement The county will not being using the IAAT as a math placement tool for the upcoming school year. The LCPS mathematics office has developed an assessment aligned to the 5th grade content standards and process goals, to replace the IAAT assessment. This data from the new assessment serves as one of several criteria teachers and parents should consider in making recommendations for middle school mathematics course placement. Math Progression Extra Support in Reading and Math for Identified Students

9 Math Placement Cont. The new assessment will be offered through Interactive Achievement (IA). The timeline and procedures for administering this test is being vetted. Other data points for math recommendations will be SOL scores, benchmarks, student study skills and independence, homework completion, and overall classroom performance. Double Block Math

10 What happens next? Course request forms will be coming home during the week of February 16, 2015. You will need to make your selections for your child and return top copy to your elementary school. The bottom copy is for your records. The top copy is due back to you elementary school no later than Friday, March 6, 2015. You can make changes up until the last day of school, June 16, You will just need to notify either Mrs. Mostero or Mr. Tafaro via .

11 Transitioning to Middle School
What we have done so far: We have met with the elementary counselors. We have held our instrument nights. We have sent the course requests to all of our feeder elementary schools. Mr. Tafaro has/will visited/visit the elementary schools to discuss middle school scheduling with our rising 6th graders

12 What does 6th grade look like for next year?
Next year we have students coming from: Hillside Mill Run Moorefield Station Creighton’s Corner (approximately 40) Singletons from about 8 other elementary

13 ERMS to Visit Elementary School
The Counselor and Principal will visit in the spring. April 9 – Mill 9:00 pm April 9 – Moorefield 1:00 am April 10 – Creighton’s 9:00 am April 10 – 1:00 pm

14 Elementary Visits to ERMS
June 1 – 9:00 am June 2 – Mill 9:00 am June 4 – Moorefield Station & Creighton’s 9:00 am

15 Summer Transition Program
Bridge to the Ridge Summer Transition Program Registration information will be coming home in the late spring from your elementary school. The program addresses four components: social/emotion, time management, organization & study skills. Students are encouraged to sign up for one three day session.

16 Bridge to the Ridge Dates 4 Sessions Available
9:00-11:30 June 22-24 1:00-3:300 June 22-24 9:00-11:30 August 12-14 1:00-3:30 August 12-14

17 Starting the 2015-2016 School Year
6th Grade Orientation August 25, 2015 Students will have an orientation Receive their schedules Attend all their classes Organize their lockers 1st Week of school All hands on deck to help 6th graders transition to middle school


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