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Rising 7 th & 8 th Grade Scheduling Information. LCPS Middle School Program of Studies Both the Middle and High School Program of Studies are Located.

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1 Rising 7 th & 8 th Grade Scheduling Information

2 LCPS Middle School Program of Studies Both the Middle and High School Program of Studies are Located on the Main Page of the LCPS Website. The program of studies link is at the bottom of the page under permanent links.

3 English 7 History 7 Life Science 7 Language Arts Elective (World Language or Communications) Math Health & PE Resource / Fine Arts Elective (Music or Art) Tech Ed / Family Consumer Sciences 7 – Semester Classes 7 th Grade Required Courses

4 7 th Grade Electives Pick 1 Language Arts Elective World Languages – Latin, German, Spanish, French Communications Pick 1 Fine Arts Elective Continue with Band Continue with Strings Continue with Chorus Guitar Level 1 Art

5 8 th Grade Required Courses English 8 Civics 8 Physical Science 8 Health & PE Resource Math 2 Electives

6 8 th Grade Electives – Pick 2 World languages – level I or level II Music – band, chorus, strings, guitar Manufacturing, Teen Living, Art Choose based on your interest, not your friends – you may make changes until June 16 th by submitting a note or e-mail to your student’s counselor.

7 High School Classes & Things to Think About Middle school is a great place to start taking a World Language. You are more likely to be successful taking a language that you are interested in, not because you have a sibling taking that language! Beginning a World Language in 7 th grade, things to think about. Keep in mind how much time you spend doing after school activities (sports, dance, etc.) and it is important to have a balance between your interests and your academics. Some math courses and all World Language courses are High School Credit. They count towards your G.P.A. and go on your HS Transcript.

8 Communications Elective Learn radio, television, newspaper, advertisement, and movie history and trivia. Participate in the following throughout the year: Impromptu Theater demonstration speeches, interviews, Readers Theater (including storytelling and voiceovers), Radio plays, commercials, debates, and movie making. Work in groups to create original project-based shows. Develop a background in journalism and broadcasting in preparation to audition as a morning announcer, newswriter, photographer, or comic artist for 8 th grade. Create original storyboards and special effects while studying camera shots and angles. Participate in all aspects of movie making, including writing, directing, acting, editing, props/costume coordination, and electronic set design.


10 Typical Middle School Math Progression Math 6 -> Math 7 -> Math 8 or Math 6 -> Math 7 -> Algebra 1 Accel Math 6/7-> Math 8 ->Algebra 1 or Accel Math 6/7 -> Algebra 1 -> Geometry

11 Math Math Recommendation Process The recommendation process is going on now and these are elements that teachers consider: Current grade in course Completion of work and meeting deadlines Organization and effort Following directions and participation Demonstration of understanding Doesn’t need frequent re-takes on assessments These recommendations may change based on 2 nd semester performance and SOL results. SOL Results and Placement Decisions (Mr. Phillips spoke based on his experience) 425 & below – most likely does not have the mastery of the content and will probably struggle at the next level 425-450 - may need support in some areas to be successful at the next level 450 & above – has a good foundation in the course and will most likely be able to complete the course with little support SOL failures will equal increased levels of direct support and interventions will be put in place Math Progression Our principal has come to our community from being a FCPS principal. ERMS has a significantly higher percentage of students taking Algebra in 7 th grade vs. 8 th grade. Students taking Algebra in 7 th grade are two years ahead of the natural math progression and student taking Algebra in 8 th grade are still a year ahead. We want to ensure they are ready. Please note that some colleges/universities will not recognize AP Calculus as a college credit. There are many paths to higher math for those students who are ready, and that we want students to progress with confidence and a deep understanding at each step. Extra Support in Reading and Math for Identified Students For our students who have repeatedly failed the end of year SOL test in either math or reading, and who have been identified by their teacher we have courses that meet daily to remediate these skills. This does ultimately result in a loss of resource/elective in the student’s schedule. These students will be identified by the school, and we will contact parents. We have two Math Resource teachers who work with our students struggling in Math 6-8 and Algebra. We also have a peer tutoring program where peers are able to seek out help in any subject area in which they are struggling.

12 What happens next? Teacher recommendations will be coming home prior to scheduling. Students will be picking their classes on Family Connections the week of February 2-13. Friday, February 6, 2015 a letter explaining how to log onto to Family Connections will be e-mailed to all parents. Family Connections will be live for you to make changes until Friday, February 27, 2015. After that deadline, you can make changes up until the last day of school, June 16, 2015. You will just need to notify your child’s counselor.

13 Family Connections

14 Family Connection Welcome Page

15 Click About Me

16 Save and Return Later

17 One to the World ERMS will be a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) pilot school beginning Monday, February 2, 2015. What will this mean for your student? What types of technology are acceptable? Device and student safety.

18 What Are We Already Doing? Blogging Collaborate on Documents in different blocks Interactive Science lessons Connect with Authors Submit formative assessments Have class discussions where everybody participates Research projects Active Voting Educational Video Viewing

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