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1 Advertising

2 Advertising Why Its Important
Advertising spreads the word about a company and its products or services. Businesses use different types of advertising media to promote their image, products or services.

3 Advertising Two main types: Promotional
When the goal is to increase sales Target is consumers or B2B customers Can introduce new product, image Can be used to encourage customers to ask for information (generating leads) Also effective in supporting direct selling efforts, sales promotion activities, displays

4 Advertising Institutional
Tries to create favorable image for company and foster goodwill in the marketplace Try to connect name to a worthy cause can help enhance company image Sponsor teams or events

5 Advertising Media The agencies, means, or instruments used to convey advertising messages to the public 4 categories Print Broadcast Online Specialty

6 Advertising Print Advertising in newspapers, magazines, direct mail, signs, billboards, transit Broadcast includes radio and television. during your lifetime you will spend 10 yrs watching tv and 6 yrs listening to radio

7 Advertising Online Using email or the web Email will use opt-in emails
1.1 trillion ,100,000,000,000 Number of display ads delivered to internet users in the first quarter of Facebook led with 346 billion

8 Advertising Speciality Giveaways
Usually something inexpensive, useful, and has the company name and/or logo Must be something practical, used frequently, and placed in locations of high visibility Limited supply Ads in sports arenas, movie theaters, and DVDs

9 Media Audience Impression Number of homes or people exposed to an ad
Single exposure to an advertising message Frequency Number of times an audience sees or hears an ad

10 Media CPM (cost per thousand)
Media cost of exposing 1,000 readers or viewers to an ad impression Audience for print media is the total number of readers per issue. Television audience is based on data collected by Nielsen Media Research Radio audience is measured by Arbitron Company

11 Media Online audience is measured by computer tracking systems.

12 Newspaper Rates 2 Categories Classified or display
Classified are grouped into specific categories Display are larger. Cost is based upon size Rates are by column inch Factors that affect rates When the ad appears color or black/white where the ad appears

13 Magazine Rates Based upon circulation, type of readership
Bleeds – ads printed to very edge of paper, leaving no white border % more costly Color or black/white Positioning Back cover or inside first page are costly

14 Other Media Online Rates Banner ads, enhanced banner ads, interstitial
Rates based on page views. Vary based on monthly views Radio Rates costs based on national or local time of day – 6am – 10am / 4pm – 7pm = primetime midnight – 6am = cheapest

15 Other Media Television Vary with time of day 7pm – 10pm = Primetime.
Try to play messages when you can reach most customers Promotional Budget when putting together a budget for advertising you must not only take into account the cost of the ad but also to produce the advertisement.

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