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Diverse Families By Joselyn Boayue.

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1 Diverse Families By Joselyn Boayue

2 What do You Think Of when you see the word family?

3 Families come in different sizes
Families come in different Sizes - single parent families: one family - t wo parent families - grandparents raising children

4 Families have different cultures
Cultures Religions Dress

5 How is your family Different?

6 Families are different
They eat different foods Families live in different homes -apartment, town houses, shelters Celebrate different holidays -Christmas, Hannukkah, Eid, Chinese New Year

7 Families are alike All Families love one another

8 Family Vocabulary Mother Father Brother Sister Siblings (Brother and Sister Aunt, Uncle, Cousin Grandparents

9 Additional family vocabulary
Adopted: to make a child a legal member of a family Blended: two or more families

10 Family Traditions An activity that your family does a lot What Traditions does your family have?

11 We will be exploring.. -How Families are Different from one another -How Families are Alike -How we can learn more about different types of families

12 Now Draw Your Own Picture of your Family
Label the picture with the family vocabulary

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