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It’s Wolverine Time! We want to participate in your success.

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1 It’s Wolverine Time! We want to participate in your success.

2 Class of 2016 Graduation Requirements 23 credits English: 4 credits Math: 4 credits Science: 4 credits Social Studies: 3 credits Career/For. Lang./Fine Arts: 3 credits Health/Personal Fitness

3 West 101 7 period day…50 min classes…report card every 9 weeks Final Grades posted at the conclusion of the course Credit/Units: Year-long course = 1.0 credit….Half-year course =.50 credit Grading Scale: Grading Scale A (90 – 100) 4.0 B (80 – 89) 3.0 C (70 – 79) 2.0 Summative Grades (75%) Formative Grades (25%)

4 West 101 End of Course Tests 9 th Gr. World Lit. Physical Science Biology Coordinate Algebra Accelerated Coordinate Algebra/Analytic Geometry A Amer. Lit. U.S. History Economics Counts 20% of the Final Grade HOPE: 3.0 Core GPA (All academic subjects)‏ Zell Miller Scholarship: 3.7 Core GPA (All academic subjects)‏

5 EnglishScience 9 th Lit/CompBiology 9 th Lit/Comp HonorsBiology Honors Math Coordinate Algebra Coordinate Algebra with Support Accelerated Coordinate Algebra/ Analytic Geometry A

6 Social Studies (elective only) World Geography (.5 credit) AP Human Geography World Languages Not required for graduation, but Recommended for 4 year colleges Spanish French Latin American Sign Language

7 Arts and Humanities Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Ceramics)‏ (Visual Arts I, Ceramics I) Instrumental (Band)‏ Drama/Theatre (Acting)‏ Choral (Chorus)‏

8 Engineering Engineering (Foundations of Engineering) Robotics Team

9 Family Consumer Consumer Science (Food/Nutrition & Wellness) Culinary Arts (Sophomores only) Cosmetology (Salon Services Core I)

10 Business & Communication Systems Business Education (FBLA)‏ (Business Essentials) Broadcast Media (TV, Video) (Broadcast Video I) ‏ Marketing (DECA)‏ (Marketing Principles) Computer Science Technology (Computing in the Modern World)

11 Pathway Completion Credentials Incentive to Complete 3 courses in a Pathway Pathway Seal of Completion Pathway Seal of Distinction Pathway Medallion

12 Sample Schedule 9 th Lit/Comp‏ Biology Coordinate Algebra Health/Personal Fitness Elective

13 Sample Schedule 9 th World Lit/Comp Honors Biology Honors Accelerated Coordinate Algebra/ Analytic Geometry A Health/Per. Fitness Spanish/French/Latin AP Human Geography Elective (student choice)‏ Note: Soc St is NOT a requirement in 9 th gr.

14 Keys How motivated are you? Have a plan of attack Push yourself to be the best Get involved in school activities Leadership opportunities Persistence and Determination This is the foundation year for your high school career

15 Course Waiver If you are completing a Course Waiver Request to override a teacher recommendation …all Waivers are due by: April 13 th Waivers will be completed online ONLY

16 Parent Portal Teachers are making academic recommendations. Students/parents will check teacher recommendations once the Portal opens. Wednesday, Feb 15th. Students/parents will add in electives and 3 alternatives choices into Portal. Change teacher recommendations using Waiver Form only. Portal closes on Friday, March 2nd.

17 Counselor Help Counselors will be available on a walk-in basis on the following days for scheduling issues and help. (No Appointment Needed) Wednesday, Feb 22 nd Thursday, Feb 23 rd Hours: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

18 Wolverine Days Dates TBD Pick up class schedule Find your classes/tour the building Pay fees (Locker, PE Uniform etc.) Clubs, Activities, Athletics Purchase Spirit Wear Bus # and route information

19 Content Area Break Out Sessions There will be six rotating groups through Math, World Language, English, Science, Social Studies/AP, and Portal Training You are currently seated by your designated break out session color DISMISS w/SGA BY COLOR

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