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Freshmen Programming for 2012-2013 Some classes are “required”, these core classes will be based on previous test scores and your grades. If you are.

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2 Freshmen Programming for 2012-2013

3 Some classes are “required”, these core classes will be based on previous test scores and your grades. If you are concerned about these recommendations – speak to your teacher! Some classes are “elective”... Think about the following: ~what do I want to do after graduation? ~what is a course I might enjoy or want to learn more about? ~is my schedule balanced? ~can I handle it?

4  Students will receive course selection worksheets from the Guidance Department.  Students should review the CHS Curriculum Guide. Available on the CHS Website.  Students should review their class choices with their parent/guardian and make sure the selection form is signed.


6  Complete 24 credits,.5 on line  2.0 state GPA  Pass 10 th grade FCAT reading, Algebra I, Geometry, and Biology end of course exams  Passing score on state writing assessment

7 4 credits of English 4 credits of math (must include Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2) 3 credits of science (biological, physical, elective) 3 credits of social studies (.5 Am. Gov., World History, Am. History,.5 Economics) 1 credit of HOPE 1 credit of a performing or fine art Minimum of.5 credit of reading

8 Reading is based on 7 th grade FCAT until June when it is “reassessed” Possible courses include: Intensive Reading 1 Intensive Reading 2 Intensive Reading A Read 180 (2 period block) Critical Thinking Skills*/Advanced Communication* Advanced Communication*/Advanced Reading* (honors) Semantics & Logic* (honors)

9 All required courses for graduation + Minimum in math of *Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 *2 years of the same World Language 18 academic credits in the areas of: EnglishMathScience Social StudiesWorld Language

10 Take the hardest classes you can! Honors Advanced Placement Get Involved!

11  Students in the CAPS program MUST take a minimum of 8 AP courses and maintain an un-weighted grade point average of 3.0 during their high school career.  8 th grade students interested in the CAPS program MUST apply by April 5, 2012.  Entrance requirements and application available on

12 Florida Academic Scholars Medallion Scholars Gold Seal Vocational Scholars For more information go to

13 Based on test scores, grades, and teacher recommendations, every 9 th grader will be scheduled for: English – all levels of English require summer reading Math Science Social Studies (Am. Gov. and/or AP Human Geography) Reading

14 You will choose 8 electives in order of preference, #1 being your first and most important choice. Not all electives will appear on your schedule, some may be alternates. Alternates may become part of your schedule, so they MUST be classes you are willing to take!

15 AP Human Geography Earn college credit – rigorous curriculum Topics include: population studies, cultural concepts, political geography, land use, urbanization

16 Journalism I– foundation for the newspaper and yearbook Creative Writing 1* & 2* TV Production I Journalism and TV Production meet the Performing Art requirement

17 Psychology1* and 2* Sociology* Holocaust Studies* African-Am. History* Latin-Am. History* History of Vietnam War*

18 HOPE Required to graduate (1 year course) (Health Opportunities through Physical Education) Electives: 1 semester in length Team Sports* Beginning Weight Training* Basketball* Soccer* Volleyball* Individual & Dual Sports*

19 99 th graders will not be scheduled for Driver’s Ed. until second semester. MMUST be 15 years old by January, 2013 MMust have a Social Security Card. EExpect to pay an Insurance Fee.

20 French German Latin Spanish

21 One credit in Performing Art is required for graduation Symphonic BandInstrumental Techniques Concert OrchestraPianoGuitar ChorusIntro to Piano* Acting I TechnicalTheatre

22 One credit in Performing Art is required for graduation Creating 2 Dimensional Art* Creating 3 Dimensional Art* Drawing and Painting 1 3D Studio Art 1 Digital Imaging 1

23  Advancement  Via  Individual  Determination  Targets the academic potential  Promotes rigorous college prep curriculum  Teaches skills for college success

24 Agri-Science Foundations 1 Veterinary Assisting 1 Ag Communications 2 (meets performing art credit)

25  Food Science Technology  Nutrition & Wellness *  Principles of Food Prep*  Child Development*  Parenting*  Fabric Construction*

26 Culinary Arts 1 Carpentry and Cabinet Making 1 Cosmetology Grooming/Salon* Cosmetology2* Marine ROTC Leadership Leadership Ed 1

27 Introduction to Information Technology Course meets performing art credit

28 Academy of Finance- Finance and Business Technology Academy of Travel & Tourism- Intro to Travel

29  Due to the requirements of the Class Size Reduction Amendment, requests for schedule changes may be denied as classes reach maximum legal capacity.

30  School starts at 7:33 AM  Release time is 3:00 PM  Each period is 50 minutes  Lunch period is also 50 minutes

31  Complete your Course Selection Sheet.  Review with your parent/guardian.  Both you and parent sign the sheet.  Return completed sheet to your 8 th grade counselor.  Counselors from Chamberlain will be on campus in February to program your classes for the 2012- 2013 school year.  Be prepared!

32 The curriculum guide, course selection sheet, & power point are on the Chamberlain website This is our main means of communication – check it often!

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