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New Entrants Meeting 2015. WelcomeWelcome Hayes Primary School EYFS Team.

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1 New Entrants Meeting 2015

2 WelcomeWelcome

3 Hayes Primary School EYFS Team

4 Rabbit Class Miss Lynch Miss Hook Miss Breathwick

5 Owl Class Miss Lynch Mrs Sanders Mrs Dabin

6 Woodpecker Class Miss Lynch Miss Insuli Mrs Chalk

7 What can I do to help my child before starting school?

8 Practise putting their coat on and off and doing it up. Practise getting dressed and undressed. Practise turning their clothes out the right way.

9 If school dinners, practise cutting up their dinner. If they are going to be packed lunch, practise opening their lunch box and drinks container.

10 Since September 2014 all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in state- funded schools in England have been eligible for free school meals.

11 If your child is beginning to write their name, please ensure they only use a capital letter at the beginning. Practise cutting skills using safety scissors.

12 Uniform Please ensure that ALL items of uniform are named including hats, shoes and lunch boxes. Please buy velcro plimsolls and shoes. They are much easier for the children to put on and take off.

13 We use the outside area everyday and in all weathers so please ensure that your child has a waterproof coat in school everyday. During warm weather the children will need a sun hat and sun cream applied before they come to school.

14 When your child starts school they will probably be very tired, even if they have been used to going to nursery. It will really help if they have a regular, early bedtime.

15 Home Visits Please fill in a time on the class sheet on the table. This is an opportunity for the staff to meet your child in their own environment. The TA will talk to your child and share a book with them. The teacher will talk to you about your child’s likes/dislikes and answer any questions you may have.

16 Inset day: Tuesday 1 st September Home visits: Wednesday 2nd – Tuesday 8 th September Wednesday 9 th – Friday 11 th : Mornings only (8.50am-12.00pm) (Children born 1 st September – 28 th February) Thursday 10 th and Friday 11th: Mornings only (8.50am – 12.00pm) (Children born 1 st March – 31 st August) Monday 14 th – Friday 18 th September: Mornings & lunchtimes only (8.50am – 1.30pm) for all children. Monday 21st September 2015 First full day for all children

17 The school day EYFS staff will open the classroom doors at 8.45 and all children must be in by 8.50 If your child is upset please just leave them with EYFS staff as they will settle quicker. If your child was distressed for an extended period of time we would contact you.

18 We teach phonics at 9.00am each morning so please ensure that your child is not late for school.

19 Children will come out from their classroom door at 3.10pm Don’t be surprised if your child says they haven’t done anything at school all day. However this is not the case! Curriculum is play based, both inside and outside the classroom. A combination of adult led and child initiated activities.

20 Hayes Primary website: Pupils/Early Years Foundation Stage/phonics Phonic alphabet /actions/ handwriting rhymes/ articulation of phonics video

21 Workshops in Autumn Term Monday 14 th September 9.15am Reading and Phonics Wednesday 23rd September at 9.15am Communication Tuesday 29 th September at 9.15am Maths Friday 9 th October at 9.15am Fine Motor and Handwriting

22 Please sign up for a home visit. Please don’t go back to your child’s classroom until 3.00pm

23 Further Advice and Information Ms Earl: Assistant Head Teacher/ SENCo Mrs East, Mrs Sced, Miss Simmons: Family Liaison Team If a language other than English is spoken at home please go and speak to Mrs Smith and Mrs Askin. Feel free to come and ask Mr Vitarana, Mrs Thompson or Mrs Naish any questions you may have.

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