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The Treaty of Versailles

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1 The Treaty of Versailles
A Flawed Peace

2 Paris Peace Conference
Held at Palace of Versailles in January 1919 Delegates from 32 countries Germany & its allies AND Russia were left out The Big Four: U.S.- Wilson Britain- George France- Clemenceau Italy- Orlando

3 You are a representative at the Paris Peace Conference
Blame: who is to be assigned blame for the war? Why?

4 Cost of the War Who should pay for the cost of the war?
Actual cost $338 billion millions soldiers dead/wounded Central Powers: million Allies: 22 million *5 million civilians dead 21 million soldiers wounded

5 Germany’s Military Should Germany be allowed to keep a military? If so, what should they be allowed? Military? Navy? Army? Soldiers? Uboats? Other ships? Weapons? Poison Gas? Airplanes? Much more…

6 What should happen to the colonies of Germany & Turkey?
A. Britain & France should divide up and control the colonies of Turkey & Germany B. Germany & Turkey should be allowed to keep their colonies C. All German & Turkish colonies should be allowed to govern themselves as independent nations D. Other?

7 Rhineland Rhineland The area that lies on the German side of the border with France What should happen to the Rhineland? A. Allies take control of the area not allowing German military to have any presence there B. Allow Germans to keep control of the area C. France and Germany share the area equally D. Other?

8 The Big Four’s Goals U.S.- Woodrow Wilson: Britain- George:
a lasting and just peace Britain- George: reduce Germany’s military power France- Clemenceau: punish Germany! Italy- Orlando- sought territory for Italy

9 Wilson’s 14 Points Wilson wanted to create a lasting & just peace
Fourteen points (his fair plan for peace) End to secret treaties Reduce national armies & navies Make changes to colonies to benefit the colonial people Changing borders & creating new nations *self-determination: allowing people to decide for themselves the gov’t they want to live under 14th point: create a League of Nations, an organization that could find peaceful solutions to conflicts in the world

10 Treaty of Versailles “war guilt” clause
Signed exactly 5 years after assassination of Archduke FF 1. Germany is to accept full responsibility for the war “war guilt” clause 2. Germany will pay Allies $33 billion in war reparations 3. Germany will reduce its military, forbidden to make weapons, no submarines or air force 4. Germany will give up all colonies to France & Britain 5. German military can be nowhere near the Rhineland 6. Germany gives Alsace-Lorraine territory back to France

11 Aftermath Treaty creates bitterness & feelings of betrayal
New nations are created (Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia…) Ottoman Empire is forced to give up all territory to Allies, only allowed Turkey Since Russia left war early, they are forced to give up land Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania-independent nations Poland & Romania- independent nations Japan & Italy did not get as much territory as they wanted Joined to gain territory Look on p.426: what new nations were formed after WWI?

12 League of Nations U.S. Senate rejects Treaty of Versailles b/c League of Nations Thought it would lead to future U.S. involvement in European wars “A peace built on quicksand”

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