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A Peace of Justice vs. a Peace of Vengeance?

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1 A Peace of Justice vs. a Peace of Vengeance?
Treaty of Versailles A Peace of Justice vs. a Peace of Vengeance? The American President Woodrow Wilson’s goals for peace were expressed as his Fourteen Points including: A just peace Self-determination of nations A League of Nations

2 Who attended? And Who did not?
The Big Four Britain: Prime Minister Davis Lloyd George France: Premier George Clemenceau Italy: Premier Vittorio Orlando U. S.: President Woodrow Wilson Russia was not allowed to attend.

3 Provisions of the Treaty
German War Guilt Reparations = $5 billion in two years by 1921 the total was set at $ 33 billion Germany to abolish conscription, to have no reserve forces, and forbidden to manufacture major military equipment All colonies became mandates of Britain, Japan, Australia, N.Z., and the League of Nations

4 Provisions regarding France and its future security
Return of Alsace-Lorraine demilitarization of Germany’s Rhineland territory with Allied occupation 15 year administration of Saar Valley by the League of Nations, then plebiscite in Saar Valley


6 Self-Determination in former Russian and German lands
Poland to be re-established with a “corridor” to the Baltic Sea The city of Danzig (Gdansk ) to be “internationalized”


8 League of Nations Wilson’s goal of an organization for collective security is realized. The United States Senate will NOT ratify the treaty and will NEVER join the League of Nations.


10 Additional Post-War Treaty Agreements
Austria lost Tyrol to Italy and Hungary became independent Austria and Germany are to never unite. Czechoslovakia is created. Yugoslavia is created. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are recognized as independent nations.

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