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Chapter 13 Section 4 A Flawed Peace

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1 Chapter 13 Section 4 A Flawed Peace
Objective: Summarize the Treaty of Versailles & its effects on European powers Vocabulary: Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemenceau, Fourteen Points, Self-Determination, Treaty of Versailles, & League of Nations

2 Setting the Stage On January 18, 1919, a conference to establish the terms of peace had begun The Paris Peace Conference had delegates representing 32 countries The Allied powers struggled to solve their conflicting aims in various peace treaties

3 The Allies Meet & Debate
The meetings major decisions were decided by the Big Four: President Woodrow Wilson of the United States, Georges Clemenceau of France, David Lloyd George of Great Britain, & Vittorio Orlando of Italy Russia was dealing with the civil war Germany & its allies weren’t invited

4 Wilson’s Plan for Peace
Fourteen Points – series of proposals in which President Wilson outlined a plan for achieving a lasting peace after WWI The peace treaty included an end to secret treaties, freedom of the seas, free trade, & reduced national armies/navies Wilson’s plan also included the idea of self determination – the freedom of a people to decide under what form of government they wish to live

5 The Versailles Treaty Britain & France shows little sign of agreeing to Wilson’s vision of peace Treaty of Versailles – a peace treaty signed by Germany & the Allied powers after WWI The treaty created the League of Nations – an international association formed after WWI with the goal of keeping peace among nations Article 231 of the treaty stated, Germany had to accept SOLE responsibility for starting the war Germany had severe restrictions

6 A Troubled Treaty The agreements created feelings of bitterness & betrayal among the victors & the defeated The Versailles Treaty was just one of five treaties negotiated by the Allies

7 The Creation of New Nations
The Western powers also signed treaties with the other defeated nations Austro-Hungarian was divided into Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, & Yugoslavia The Ottoman Turks were forced to give up almost all of their former empire Russia also had land losses as well



10 “A Peace Built on Quicksand”
Americans objected the peace settlement & especially to the League of Nations set up by President Wilson The United States worked out a separate treaty with Germany several years later Germany & other countries felt cheated/betrayed by the peace settlements Japan & Italy had gained less than they wanted

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