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Mrs. Mouritzen’s 2nd Grade Class

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1 Mrs. Mouritzen’s 2nd Grade Class
Welcome Parents!

2 Before We Begin Sign up for a conference
Volunteer sheet for classroom and math to the moon. Look around the room Write your child a note Take a note from our class wish pond

3 Welcome to Room 13! Introduction My Family
Degree in Psychology and teaching and endorsement in special education. 7th year of teaching 7th year in LCPS Resource/special education/ 1 & 2.

4 Routines Morning Procedures Meals Dismissal
School starts at 7:50 so please make sure your child arrives on time. If you know your child will be absent please call the absentee line ( ) or send a note in advance. Meals Snack - Nut Free 9:00 Lunch 11:45-12:15 - prepay at Dismissal Buses start loading at 2:35. Please send a note about any changes. Please do NOT send an if the change occurs after school starts just call the office and leave a message. ( )

5 Classroom Expectations
Listen to the teacher and classmates. Make good choices. Be safe. Respect yourself and others. Help each other. Raise your hand. Ask questions if you need help. Do not share food. Learn and have fun! Do your best!

6 Behavior & Classroom Expectations
Individual Behavior Program Tickets are rewarded daily for good behavior choices, helpfulness, compliments. Whole Class Behavior Program Gum balls are rewarded for specials, fire drills, compliments and any team activities. Students are responsible for themselves. High working and behavior standards

7 Our Daily Schedule Academic Blocks Specials
2 hours and 45 minutes Language Arts block 1 hour Math block 45-60 minutes for Science or Social Studies Specials Recess (daily for 15 minutes) PE (Mon., Wed., and Thurs.) - tennis shoes SEARCH and Guidance (EOW Tues. & Thurs) Music (Wed.& Fri) Spanish (Fri.) Library (Thurs.) - open checkout daily Art (Tues.) Computer Lab (Wed.) Curiosity Cave –(Mon) monthly

8 Grading Policy All assignments will be marked for grade using a letter system of E/4 (exceeds), M/3 (meets), P/2 (progressing), or B/1 (below). Grades are NOT equivalent to standard A, B, C, D, F system! Some assignments are also marked with an effort grade (O, S, N). Checked work will go home in Thursday folders. Learning Progression Scale utilized for grades. Used for entire 2nd grade team.

9 Learning Progression Scales
Standard: Math SOL 2.4 Learning Target: The student will count forward by 2s, 5s, and 10s to 100 and count backwards by 10s starting from 100, as well as identify even and odd numbers. 4 The student will skip count forward and backwards using other multiples from various starting points, as well as explain how to identify even and odd numbers. 3 The student will count forward by 2s, 5s, and 10s to 100 and count backwards by 10s starting from 100, as well as identify even and odd numbers. 2 The student will count forward by 2s, 5s, and 10s to 100 starting at 2, 5, and 10. 1 The student will count forward by 10s to 100.

10 Report Cards and Conferences
Report cards are issued 4 times a year. Conferences are held in the fall and by request. Students are assessed in both academic and effort. Students will receive a score of E, M, P, B for academic growth. Students will receive an O, S, N for effort.

11 Grading Policy Please keep in mind that information about a child’s achievement and development may be gathered in a number of ways. Some techniques are: Observations Discussions/conferences Work samples Verbal and nonverbal participation Formal assessments, such as quizzes or tests

12 Homework Look in Take-home folder and agenda every night.
Reading (15 minutes nightly) Word Study (Mon. - Thurs.) Spelling city- (Mon-Thurs.) Math- Worksheets, workbooks, or IXL for math homework (3 nights/week). Science or Social Studies (once a week) Projects – as assigned Sunshine Math – optional enrichment math which starts in October We have various enrichment websites on the 2nd grade page. Homework should take about 30 minutes. If it is taking longer than 30 minutes please let me know so we can adjust it.

13 How I use spelling city? Log onto
Click on student icon-top left of page. Move curser down to #2 “Find a list” -type in Mouritzen. My name will appear with school name. Please click on my name, this is dark blue. This will open up to “my page” with a message. Click on the homework for the week. Each word study group will have their own list named by color and the date. Please have students do 1 activity per day-Monday through Thursday. I will assess on the reviewed words on Friday. If your child would like to do more activities please feel free to do so! Please do not print any activities; I trust this will be done

14 Communication Folders Phone Calls E-mail Updates Monthly Newsletters
Take Home Folders PTA and school information Student work Notes to and from school Homework Agendas Homework - written instructions Phone Calls Please leave a message in the office. ( ) Updates Monthly Newsletters

15 Communication E-mail - do NOT use for emergencies
Website- Upcoming Events Nine Week Plans Newsletters Homework Assignments Classroom Schedule Grading Policy Progression learning scales Curriculum Web Sites

16 Celebrations/Birthdays
LCPS is not allowing any food or non-food items to celebrate birthdays. Students cannot pass out invitations at school. Class Parties Winter Celebration End of year

17 Student of the Week Each student will have a poster (provided by me) and bring in items to share with the class. The poster will be sent home this week for homework. Please do not feel pressured to complete this immediately. At your leisure and take time to enjoy the project!

18 Medication If your child requires medication, please give it directly to our school nurse. The children are not allowed to give it to the nurse. Children are NOT allowed to have medication in class.

19 I’m looking forward to a great year!

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