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What is net force?.

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1 What is net force?

2 All the forces acting on an object

3 If the forces acting on an object are going in the same direction, you would _________ them together to get the net force.


5 If the forces are acting on an object are going in opposite direction to each other, you would _________ them together to get the net force.

6 Subtract

7 What is inertia?

8 The tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion

9 The greater the mass of an object will ______ its inertia.

10 increase

11 What is weight?

12 The force of gravity on a person or object on the surface of a planet

13 How can we increase acceleration of an object?

14 Decrease its mass Increase force

15 What is friction?

16 The force that one surface exerts on another when the two rub together

17 What is rolling friction?

18 Occurs when an object rolls over another object
Example: bike tire on a road

19 What is free fall?

20 Occurs when the only force acting on a falling object is gravity

21 Air resistance is a form of __________

22 Friction

23 The Law of Universal Gravitation states ____________________

24 Any two objects in the universe are attracted to each other

25 What is the formula for momentum

26 Mass x velocity

27 What is force?

28 A push or pull on an object

29 How can you increase momentum?

30 Increase the velocity (speed) of the object
Increase the mass of the object

31 What is mass?

32 The amount of material (matter) in an object

33 How can you increase friction?

34 Make the surfaces rougher
Example: sand on an icy sidewalk

35 What is gravity?

36 The force that pulls objects toward earth

37 What is Newton’s third law and give an example.

38 For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
Example: a hammer hits a nail and the nail exerts a force back on the hammer

39 If forces on an object are balanced,

40 The object will never change its motion (move)

41 If the forces on an object are unbalanced,

42 There will be a change in the objects motion

43 What is the formula that describes Newton’s 2nd law of motion?

44 Acceleration = net force x mass

45 What are two factors that affect gravitational pull?

46 Mass of the objects The distance between the objects

47 On the arrow below, what does the point of the arrow indicate?

48 The direction of the force

49 On the arrow below, what does the length of the arrow indicate?

50 The strength of the force

51 In what direction is the net force acting?

52 To the left

53 From what direction must force be applied so that forces are balanced?

54 To the left

55 If a third force is applied to the object, in what direction will the object move?

56 Up and to the left

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