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Resistance of an object to a change in its motion inertia.

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1 resistance of an object to a change in its motion inertia

2 forces on an object that combine to give a zero net force and do not change the motion of the object balanced force

3 the rate of change in position at a given point in time instantaneous speed



6 If two balls collide and stick, it is an… Inelastic collision

7 the total distance an object travels divided by the total time of travel average speed

8 states that the acceleration of an object is in the same direction as the net force on the object, and that the acceleration equals the net force divided by the mass Newton's second law of motion

9 If two balls collide and bounce, it is an… elastic collision



12 force that opposes the motion between two touching surfaces friction

13 frictional force that prevents two surfaces from sliding past each other static friction

14 frictional force that opposes the motion of two surfaces sliding past each other sliding friction

15 Who categorized motion as either natural or violent motion? Aristotle

16 attractive force between two objects that depends on the masses of the objects and the distance between them gravity



19 gravitational force exerted on an object weight

20 acceleration of an object toward the center of a curved path or circular path centripetal acceleration

21 states that when one object exerts a force on a second object, the second object exerts a force on the first object that is equal in strength and in the opposite direction Newton’s Third Law

22 property of a moving object that equals its mass times its velocity momentum

23 a push or pull first exerting force on a second What is a force?

24 The overall force of an object after all of the forces are added together. Net force

25 Equal forces acting on one object in an opposite directions. Balanced forces

26 When you add equal forces exerted in opposite directions, the net force is _____. zero

27 An object at rest will remain at rest, and an object that is moving at constant velocity will continue moving at constant velocity unless acted upon by a unbalanced force. Newton's First Law of Motion

28 What is mass? The amount of matter in an object.

29 How can mass be defined in terms of inertia? Mass can be defined as a measure of the intertia of an object.

30 What is Newton's Second Law of Motion? F=ma The net force of an object is equal to the product (addition) of its acceleration and mass.

31 P stands for momentum

32 p= p=mv

33 Change in p= Change in p = F*t

34 F= F=ma

35 p initial = p final

36 How does an increase of force affect acceleration? An increase of force causes an increase in acceleration.

37 What two factors does friction depend on? 1. The types of surfaces involved 2. How hard the surfaces push together

38 The force that pulls objects towards earth? Gravity

39 What is acceleration due to the force of gravity? 9.8 m/s squared

40 An object that is thrown and falls freely is called… A Projectile

41 The greater surface area of an object, the greater the ________ through the air. Air resistance

42 What is weight? The force of gravity on an object at the surface of a planet.

43 The greatest velocity a falling object reaches is the … terminal velocity

44 How is weight different than mass? Weight is the measure of the force of gravity and mass is a measure of the amount of matter in a object.

45 Weight is measured in ________. Newtons or pounds

46 Mass is measured in Kilograms, not pounds

47 The gravitational force of attraction varies with what two factors? Mass + Distance

48 What is the unit of measure for momentum? kg x m/s

49 What is the equation you use to determine momentum? mass x velocity

50 What of the law of conversation of momentum state? The total momentum of the objects that interact does not change.

51 If two clay balls collide, how can you find their new momentum? Combine both of their old momentums together

52 change in velocity over time Acceleration

53 Total distance an object travels divided by the total time it takes to travel that distance. Average Speed

54 A force is exerted on a box and an equal and opposite force is exerted by the box. What law explains this? Newton's third law of motion

55 What unit is force measured in? Newtons

56 ____________ describes how velocity changes with time. acceleration

57 When an object is at rest, what is its speed? 0 m/s

58 increasing speed, decreasing speed, changing direction examples of acceleration

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