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SCQF : Benefits for the CLD Community Pauline Sutton October 2014.

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1 SCQF : Benefits for the CLD Community Pauline Sutton October 2014

2 Hopes and Questions Consider the following: 1.What are your hopes for the workshop? 2. Do you have any burning questions about SCQF in CLD?

3 What do you already know about the SCQF? 3

4 An overview of the SCQF

5 SCQF Partnership QAA Scotland Colleges Scotland Scottish Qualifications Authority Universities Scotland Scottish Government (Observer) Co-opted Director representing employers Established November 2006 Company Ltd by Guarantee Registered Charity in Scotland 5

6 Aims of the SCQF Assists people of all ages and circumstances to access appropriate education and training over their lifetime to fulfil their personal, social and economic potential Enables employers, learners and the public in general to understand the full range of Scottish qualifications, how they relate to each other and how different types of qualifications can contribute to improving the skills of the workforce 6

7 Features of the SCQF The Framework has 12 Levels Levels are based on learning outcomes Credits – 1 credit point equals an average of 10 hours of learning Formally assessed Quality assured 7

8 Insert framework diagram 8

9 How does learning get onto the SCQF? Process of Credit Rating A consistent process One set of guidance used by all Credit Rating Bodies Credit Rating Bodies Universities SQA Colleges City & Guilds Chartered Institute of Bankers Scotland Institute of Leadership and Management Scottish Police College SEMTA/EAL ICAS 9

10 Credit Rating vs Benchmarking Credit Rating Formal Learning outcomes Minimum of 10 hours of notional learning Assessed Internal and External Quality Assurance Benchmarking Informal estimation of where learning sits in relation to the SCQF Not quality assured SCQF logo must NOT be used on programmes

11 Benefits of using SCQF in CLD settings Group Activity: What do you think are the key benefits to understanding/using SCQF in the CLD community? Or are there any??

12 Quotes from CLD groups ‘We are delighted to have a newly credit rated course to offer to learners and interested organisations. Having an SCQF level and credit points for our course demonstrates our ability to develop a course which meets the standards of a nationally recognised framework and awarding body. Learners will now have a wider range of learning opportunities. ‘ WEA Scotland ‘We are in the process of developing a range of gardening skills and training opportunities to a wide variety of people. We were keen to offer a credit rated gardening skills training programme to people with a learning disability, increasing self-development, volunteering and employment opportunities.’ Hidden Gardens Trust



15 SCQF Resources and Workshops A huge range of free resources are available to download from our website Workshop details can be found at A database of qualifications database/

16 Old versus New

17 SCQFfold

18 My Skills My Future

19 Achievement Counts

20 Education Scotland Guide

21 Qualifications Can Cross Boundaries 21

22 Contact The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership 39 St Vincent Place Glasgow 22

23 And finally…..

24 Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Is It Worth It? Ken Gibson

25 SCQF: What's in it for Learners? Recognising Wider Achievement Role of the Framework in National Qualifications Ability to progress to Further Education or Employment Returning to Learning

26 SCQF: Benefit for Providers Able to:- Demonstrate impact of learning Provide effective guidance on progression pathways Satisfy requirements for wider recognition of learning Design programmes to meet specific needs Provides a common approach and language

27 SCQF: Overcoming Barriers Internal Benchmarking Work in partnership with eg Colleges Identify funding to credit rate and level programmes Become a Credit Rating Body

28 SCQF: Glasgow Life approach Learning across all service brands Developing Quality Assurance Structure Standardising Processes Staff involvement in training

29 Where Now, What support do you need?

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