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Publications, design sets, web pages

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1 Publications, design sets, web pages
MS Publisher Publications, design sets, web pages

2 Publisher: Desktop Publishing

3 Publication Types Templates for most types of business publications:
Business Cards Brochures Letterhead Business Forms (invoices, price quotes, etc.) Resumes Websites

4 Publisher Publisher allows you to opt for pre-designed templates for various publications and web sites Or, for “blank” publications Customize & design

5 Publisher Design Themes
Allow you to coordinate a “set” of printed business forms and documents Can also set them to match a web page design Professional looking, simple Consistency in related materials

6 Publisher Design Themes

7 Creating a Publication
Apply a Template or “Blank” Page Design Modify the Design Color schemes; font schemes Replace / Add text Format text Replace / Add / Resize objects Save, Preview, & Print

8 Apply a Template Preview of template Choose a publication type, like “Resume” or “Newsletter” Then choose a design theme Options to customize

9 Modify the Template Format Task Pane Active Page Objects toolbar
Multiple Pages

10 Modify a Template: Colors & Fonts
Task Pane Page Options Color Schemes Font Schemes Publication Options Choose scheme or make your own Use Arrows to expand & collapse dialog boxes

11 Modify the Template: Your Text
Click inside the template text boxes to add your own text Saved information (name, company name, phone, etc.) will be added automatically as appropriate

12 Modify the Template: Objects

13 Modify the Template: Objects

14 Check, Preview, Save, & Print
The “Design Checker” on the Tools Menu will check for flaws “Print Preview” on File Menu “Save As” on File Menu Print

15 Publisher Web Sites For simple, static web sites
“WYSIWYG” web page design Choose a design template & theme Customize with your own information Change colors, fonts, etc. Add images, pre-designed layout elements, hyper links, forms, etc.

16 Publisher Web Sites

17 Web Site Wizard

18 Modify the Web Site Formatting options same as other types of publications Color Schemes Font Schemes Objects Additional objects Add HTML code fragments (good for widgets) Add backgrounds, sounds, etc.

19 Modify the Web Site

20 Preview Your Web Site Use the standard toolbars and the left side task pane to set up your page Save your Publisher file Preview your page to see what it will look like on-line

21 Convert Your Publication to a Site
On the File Menu or Toolbar: “Publish to the Web” Converts your design to HTML language Save again with Site name, as HTM file NOTE: Two different files

22 FTP Your Site to a Server
FTP all web site files to your server HTM page Folder of supporting files

23 Other Useful Web-based Programming Notes

24 Sharing Presentations On-line
PowerPoint on the Web Sharing Presentations On-line

25 Publishing a Presentation to the Web
“Save as” a “Single File Web Page (*.mht, *.mhtml) Click “Publish” if your computer is on a server

26 Choose Web Options

27 Publishing a Presentation to the Web
If you’re not on a server, save your file as a Single File Web Page FTP to your server

28 Presentation in Web Browser

29 Converting Documents to PDF file-format for the Web
Adobe pdf Files

30 Adobe PDF Files PDF = “Portable Document Format”
Represents documents independent of application software, hardware, or operating system Preserves formatting for exchanged documents Adobe Acrobat Professional Works as a separate program Works within MS Office once installed

31 Adobe Acrobat Professional

32 Adobe Acrobat Professional

33 Adobe PDF Maker

34 Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker

35 Next Creating web pages

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