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Websites and Weblogs with Weebly

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1 Websites and Weblogs with Weebly
Presented by Dainty Angeles 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.

2 Workshop Agenda • Overview of Weebly • Create your own website
• Create your blog • Image Perfect • Useful tools for your site • Questions and reflection time

3 What is Weebly? Free (Open Source) web content creator
Simple but powerful Drag and Drop interface Free hosting with no restrictions 70+ Professional Design Templates Powerful Blogging features No Ads One of Time’s 50 Best Websites in Year 2007 Edit pages using your web browser Fast and easiest way to create a website

4 Weebly Benefits: Edits and changes are seen immediately
Post class information/resources Post and accept homework assignments online Import files, videos and pictures Create links to other websites Create digital student portfolios Create and manage up to 40 student accounts Basic website is FREE – Pro Account is less than $50/yr With Pro Account you can: have 10 websites within one account Upload files more than 5 MB Remove Weebly footer

5 Sample Weebly Sites

6 Weebly for Education

7 Create a Free Website in Minutes!
Step 1: Go to or and sign up. You will be asked to create a username, password, and provide an address

8 Getting Started Click Create a Website Click on skip this step

9 Choose Your Web Address
Create a site, name it, and assign a URL (Example: Registering a Domain

10 Step 2: Create a Site Click on create a site, enter a title for your website and choose the type of site.

11 Weebly Editor Dashboard
*Elements *Design *Pages *Settings

12 Let the Creation Begin! Step 3: Start creating- choose a design
(you can change this later and alter the pictures)

13 Let the Creation Begin! Step 4: Create your page: Drag and drop the element of your choice to your page.

14 Step 5: Adding Pages Click on the Pages tab
New Page – static pages (contain information that don’t change frequently) Blog Page – interactive (allows comments on posted content) information in chronological order

15 Create a Blog Create a Blog by clicking on “Pages” Click on “New Blog”
Post information, discussion questions, or assignments You can monitor blog responses before they are displayed online Blog responses are sent to your

16 Publish Your Site Step 6: Publish your website-click on the orange publish button and save the link, this is the site students will see You can make changes at any time and re-publish your site and instantly see the changes applied to the site

17 Creation and Publication Complete!

18 Image Perfect

19 Add images from your hard drive, Flickr, or a website
Resize, crop, rotate and align the images Add effects like changing opacity, adding a fade, or adding burnt or polaroid borders Add multiple lines of text, position them anywhere, and choose from a wide selection of fonts Add text effects like gradients, patterns, and a shadow or glow Change the background to be a solid color, gradient or pattern Set different header images for different pages

20 Weebly Support & Info Weebly Demo Weebly Demo 2 Weebly Help
About Weebly Weebly Article View my Weebly Education Website: View this presentation on my blog:

21 Additional Tools (Widgets)


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