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Impact & Evidence Primary Sport Premium

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1 Impact & Evidence Primary Sport Premium
Anthony Judge, YST Development Manager

2 Youth Sport Trust Who we are and how we work
Influence government & national strategy Campaign on behalf of PE and the School Sport Network Develop interventions, training and products to enhance the quality of PE and school sport Work locally through a school based strategies

3 What do we do….

4 Copyright Youth Sport Trust January 2014
What are the differences between PE, physical activity and sport? HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLES Enjoyment Engagement Exercise COMPETITIVE SCHOOL SPORT Coaching Competition Clubs PHYSICAL EDUCATION Literacy Learning Leadership Copyright Youth Sport Trust January 2014

5 Physical Literacy Framework

6 Ofsted update... DfE insist the Primary Sport premium offer is on schools’ websites TOP TIP: Ensure you have referenced Ofsted docs and guidance TOP TIP: South West inspections focussed on challenging more able / 1 day on foundation TOP TIP: Challenge inspection if have evidence of good PE T & L Ofsted framework for PE includes: Outstanding Achievement: independence, explore, levels of originality, competent evaluator, high levels of physical fitness, make healthy lifestyle choices Outstanding teaching in PE: confidence & expertise, wide range of innovative & imaginative teaching strategies & resources, use of ICT, observation opps Outstanding L & M: subject leaders provide colleagues with clear guidance on what to teach & how to teach, routine assessment & how to use information to RA in PE .

7 Ofsted update... No individual lessons are graded
Holistic picture.....want to see lessons are consistently performed over time Positives: Working in partnership with secondary schools, improvement of staff knowledge, coaches working alongside teachers (up-skilling) Areas of development: Strategic planning & evidencing how funding is making an impact, regular monitoring of teachers & coaches & assessment, ensure staff development is planned and structured, develop activities specifically aimed at challenging the more able .

8 What does good use of funding mean?
Is it having an impact on the health and education outcomes Achievement in weekly PE lessons Improved attitudes and behaviour towards learning More time in PE does not mean it is better Positioning of PE in the school......use as a tool for whole school priorities embedded in schools and transformational change Measure of success of this funding: “See PE as creating healthy young people that achieve more”

9 YST Guidance and Support?
Key priorities - these will have come from your process of self-review and may also have been identified through the completion of the Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark or Sainsbury’s School Games Mark Actions and strategies - What are you planning to do in order to address these priorities? Impact and sustainable outcomes - What will have changed as a result of what you do for staff pupils and the school? Resources/cost - How will you resource this and where might there be a cost implication? By who - Who is the lead for this action/strategy and responsible for its successful implementation? Available at



12 “How can schools design a Physical Education curriculum that helps all pupils make progress?”
Heading Text

13 Curriculum Design 3. How do we know we’ve been successful?
1. What do we want to achieve? 2. How do we organise learning? 3. How do we know we’ve been successful?

14 Presentation name PRESENTER NAME

15 YST Primary Cluster Membership
Professional Development • KS1 and KS2 CPD Inclusive PE training (Spring/Summer ’14) • PE Subject Coordinator training (over 2 years) YST Quality Mark Website and NEW Resources • Governors Toolkit • Improving Health Outcomes Resource (Clusters Coordinators) • Numeracy & Literacy Resource (available January) Discounts, research and innovation opportunities

16 Primary PE Subject Coordinator
Module 1 Being an effective leader of PE, healthy active lifestyles and school sport Understand the role of a PE Coordinator and shape a vision for PE and school sport in your school • Identify links between PE, school sport and healthy active lifestyles, identifying strengths and areas for development Module 2 (Online) Teaching and learning within physical education Reflect on the quality of teaching and learning within PE, reviewing Ofsted guidance and the teacher standards • Explore strategies and set goals to lead, manage and implement the journey towards outstanding teaching and learning in PE in your school Module 3 Curriculum provision and assessment Plan an effective and appropriate curriculum for the learners in your school • Develop an understanding of the role of assessment and the tools to maximise the use of assessment for learning in PE lessons Module 4 School sport and healthy active lifestyles Understand how using physical activity can lead to improvements in pupils’ health, wellbeing and educational outcomes • Explore the links between children’s health and wellbeing and their achievement in school Module 5 (Online) Achievement of young people Raise awareness of the impact physical activity and PE can have on the achievement of young people • Identify intervention strategies for targeted groups of young people in your school and monitor the impact this intervention has Module 6 Whole school impact Explore the impact PE and school sport can have on whole school outcomes • How to design targeted intervention using PE and school sport to make a difference across the whole school

17 Youth Sport Trust Primary Membership
Youth Sport Trust Primary Membership YST Quality Mark • 15 quick-to-answer benchmarking statements • YST ‘Become Outstanding’ self-review tool • Developed in line with guidance available from Ofsted • Select your level of provision each statement; emerging, established or embedded • Online submission via your YST membership page • Quality assured process • Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark overall gold, silver or bronze level

18 What do we want to achieve?
Improved whole school outcomes Improved teacher confidence, competence & subject knowledge High quality PE provision for all pupils Increased range & quality of competitive opportunities

19 Healthy Active Lifestyles Where do you want to get to by 2020?
Pause for Thought PE School Sport Healthy Active Lifestyles Where do you want to get to by 2020? Where are you now? What impact are you making and how do you know? What do you need to do next to improve and develop further? How do you raise the profile of PE and School Sport internal and external?

20 Every child’s right Rome wasn’t built in a day…

21 Any questions?

22 Youth Sport Trust membership contact us
or visit For specific enquiries: or

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