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Physical Education and School Sport (PESS)

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1 Physical Education and School Sport (PESS)
Delyth Jones PE and School Sport Coordinator Learning and Achievement

2 Where it originated Report of the Physical Education and School Sport Task Force 2001 – Action Plan for Wales Partnership Welsh Assembly Government and Sports Council for Wales.

3 Aims of PESS To raise standards in Physical Education by ensuring that all schools have effective teaching and learning in PE, To be committed to managing the subject effectively within the whole school curriculum by providing 2 hours per week of high quality PE for each child To develop continuity and progression in the development of young peoples knowledge, understanding and physical skills across the partnership and between the key stages.

4 Wrexham PESS Project – Initially 3 year project – 2003 - 2006
Rhiwabon Darland 2004 Morgan Llwyd 2005 Grango

5 Wrexham PESS Project – 2007 additional funding to extend PESS project to reach all schools in Wrexham by 2009 Clywedog - April 2007 Maelor - September 2007 Rhosnesni January 2008 St Josephs January 2008 Bryn Alyn April 2008

6 How Much did we do? Set up development centres in all Secondary school
All schools signed up to PESS project CPD provided on identified need Gymnastics, dance, Health, Fitness and Wellbeing, Adventurous Activities Lesson observation Lesson plans Mentoring teachers

7 How well did we do it? Challenge to measure the impact
All schools signed up to PESS project – how many committed CPD provided – what has been the impact Action plans Meetings with Headteachers Review by external consultant

8 Is there anyone better off?
Teacher Subject knowledge improved – evaluation forms Teacher Confidence and competence – evaluation forms lessons improving – Estyn inspection Pupils behaviour improving – evaluation forms

9 PESS course evaluation
‘Again PESS leads the way in terms of staff training provision. Fully funded and valuable to the needs of all schools to improve quality of teaching and learning in PE. The resource pack and CD rom is superb. I thoroughly enjoyed the PESS dance course. Good balance of practical and theory. Scheme shows how children can develop their skills in a creative way. I can enthusiastically incorporate the scheme into year 3 class.

10 Monitoring strategies
Course evaluation forms Mentee and mentor evaluations Consultant visits PESS Development Centre meetings Questionnaires

11 The Estyn Evaluation of the PESS Project (May 2008)
Standards in PE have improved in almost all schools that have been involved with the initiative for some time. Standards are improving very quickly in the primary schools in the newer development centres. Pupils are also developing their key skills better because teachers plan learning activities that encourage them to be independent learners, to adopt roles as leaders and analyse and evaluate the quality of their own work and that of others. Pupils are also acquiring a much greater awareness of personal health and well being and of the importance of regular physical activity.

12 Recommendation Estyn report 2008 – Role of the Local Authority
‘Monitor more accurately the impact of the PESS initiative on pupils’ standards.’ ‘Ensure that the allocation of funding in the roll-out stages is directly aligned to effective self evaluation and a clear commitment to the initiative.’

13 Strategies Report and communication, Joint Team, WASH, Primary Heads
Include PESS as part of Q.D.D. Questionnaire Use external consultants Support schools in self evaluation

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