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Pre-Registration 2015-16. Georgia High School Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2019.

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1 Pre-Registration 2015-16

2 Georgia High School Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2019

3 Areas of Study: Units Required English/Language Arts * 4 Mathematics* 4 Science* 4 Social Studies* 3 CTAE and/or Fine Arts and/or Modern Lang. 3 Health and Physical Education* 1 Electives 4 Total Units (Minimum) Required Courses and/or Core Courses 23


5 Personal Fitness/Health Required for Graduation Can be postponed until the 10 th, 11 th, or 12 th grade year or taken during summer school. 3 years of ROTC can replace the Personal Fitness/Health requirement.

6 Pathway Electives Three units required (any combination but you are encouraged to complete one pathway) : –Career/Tech Pathway or –Modern Language Pathway and/or –Fine Arts Pathway Students are encouraged to select courses in a focused area of interest and to build upon the career interest inventories that they have completed this school year with the counselors.

7 CTAE (Career Technical and Agriculture Education) Pathways Students may earn three units of credit in a sequence of CTAE courses through a self-selected pathway leading to college readiness and a career readiness certificate endorsed by related industries.

8 Career Pathways at River Ridge High School Arts, Audio-Video Technology & Communications Architectural Drawing & Design Engineering & Technology Business & Technology Interior, Fashion & Textiles Early Childhood Care & Education Law Enforcement Services/Forensic Science Therapeutic Services/ Patient Care Therapeutic Services/Sports Medicine Air Force ROTC Marketing, Communications and Promotions Food & Nutrition

9 World Languages Pathway Students are encouraged “Not Required” to earn 3 credits in the same language (2 units of credit required for entry into the University System of Georgia). RRHS Offers: Spanish, French, and Latin ** New 2015-2016: Chinese and American Sign Language**

10 Fine Arts Pathway Students who are in Band, Chorus, Drama, or pursuing a career in visual arts will be encouraged to take these courses all 4 years. Counselors will work with students to set up individual plans to meet all graduation requirements and to say within their fine arts curriculum.

11 General Electives 4 additional units of electives required These electives can be Journalism, Physical Education, Leadership, Academic, Career/Tech, Fine Arts, or Foreign Language. Can also include any classes from a Career Pathway, Fine Art, or Foreign Language beyond the requirement of 3 units.

12 Honors /AP Recommendations Students wishing to take and honors/AP course should see their subject area teacher or department chair for a recommendation. Students will return the recommendation sheet to their counselor with the signatures from: 1.Recommending Teacher 2.Parent 3.Student Recommendation forms are due back by Monday, Feb. 9 th.

13 Registration Packet Your Registration Packet will include: 4 Year High School Course Progression Chart Elective Offering Sheet Directions for Entering Electives in ASPEN Student Portal (RRHS Website) Career Pathway Information (RRHS Website) HOPE Requirements – New Rigor Requirement (RRHS Website)

14 Registration – 4 Year Progression The 4 Year Progression chart will help you see what you will be taking over the next 4 years of high school.

15 Registration – Elective Offerings Choose your top 5 electives Go to your Student Portal starting on Jan. 30 to enter in your top choices. Elective choices must be entered by Feb. 6 Turn in your Elective Form to your Homeroom Teacher on Feb. 9

16 Student Portal – Elective Directions Starting on Friday, Jan. 30 through Friday, Feb. 6 students will be able to enter their top elective choices into their Student Portal. These step by step directions will help you through the process. Students will also be meeting with their counselors.

17 Registration – Course Descriptions Course Descriptions for all the electives offered at River Ridge can be found on the River Ridge website along with most of these registration forms. Go to Click on schools – high schools then choose River Ridge.

18 Registration – Honors/AP Some students will receive this form inviting them to take Honors/AP courses in different curriculum areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language). These form will be due to your Homeroom Teacher on Monday, Feb. 9

19 Registration – HOPE Changes The HOPE Scholarship is available to any student who earn a 3.0 GPA in their Core Curriculum Classes over 4 years and takes 4 additional “rigorous” classes such as Chemistry, Physics, any AP course, and any 2 nd, 3 rd, or 4 th year Foreign Language. Class of 2016 – 3 rigor courses Class of 2017 – 4 rigor courses Class of 2018 – 4 rigor courses Class of 2019 – 4 rigor courses

20 Registration Timeline at a Glance Registration Packets given out on Monday, Jan. 30 in homeroom. Honors/AP Recommendation Forms due on Monday, Feb. 9 to homeroom teacher. Student Portal Open for entering electives on Friday, Jan. 30 Elective Selection ends on Friday, Feb. 6 th – Elective Selections sheets due to homeroom teacher on Monday, February 9 th.

21 Questions ? Email: Class of 2019 Twitter: @RRHSCounseling Remind 101: Text @rrhs2019 to 81010 or 618-205-5784

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