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Zachary High School Class of 2013 Parent Meeting February 22, 2011.

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1 Zachary High School Class of 2013 Parent Meeting February 22, 2011

2 Objectives for the Meeting To review Graduation Requirements To review TOPS curriculum/ Core GPA To prepare for registration To share information regarding Journey to College and Career

3 Core 4 Graduation Requirements English4 Units Must be I, II, III, and IV Mathematics4 Units Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, 4 th Math Science4 Units Biology, Chemistry, 3 rd and 4 th Science Social Studies4 Units World Geography/History, Civics/Free Enterprise, American History, 4 th Social Studies Physical Education 1 ½ Units Can substitute ROTC Health ½ Unit Foreign Language2 Units Two years in the same language Art Elective1 Unit Fine Art Survey, Art, Music, or Drama Electives3 Units 24 Units

4 Basic Core At the end of 10 th grade, students have the opportunity to change from a Core 4 college prep curriculum to a Basic Core technical or community college curriculum. Requires approval by parents, student, and school.

5 TOPS English – 4 Units English I, II, III and English IV Mathematics – 3 Units Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry, Calculus, or Advanced Math Science – 3 Units Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science, Physical Science, Biology II (AP), Chemistry II (AP) or Physics Social Studies - 3 Units American History, Civics/ Free Enterprise, and World Geography or World History Fine Arts Survey - 1 Unit … or 2 units of visual/performance courses … or an elective from others in core Foreign Language – 2 Units Two units in the same language. Computer - ½ Unit Add. Math/ Science - 1 Unit Geometry, Calculus, Adv. Math, Discrete Math, Physics, Biology II (AP), Chemistry II (AP) 17½ Total Core Curriculum Units 2.5 Core GPA ACT Score: 20 3.0 Core GPA ACT Score: 23, 27

6 Career Clusters Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Architecture and Construction Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication Business, Management, and Administration Education and Training Government and Public Administration Human Services Health Science Information Technology Manufacturing Marketing

7 Rigorous Coursework Honors –Independent student learning –Faster pace Advanced Placement (AP) –Possible college credit –AP test –11 th grade courses: English Language and Composition, Calculus AB, Biology II, American History

8 Honor Programs Blue Ribbon Academic Curriculum –10 Honors, Pre-AP, or AP courses –3.25 GPA by mid-term of senior year –23 ACT by April 1 st of senior year –Honor at graduation National Honor Society –3.5 GPA –By invitation junior and senior year –Must have attended ZHS previous year –Four characteristics: Leadership*, Scholarship, Service* and Character

9 Registration Information Course selections should be driven by the student’s career interest and postsecondary plans. Course Offerings Current 9 th graders – February 23 rd – 25 th Current 10 th graders – February 28 th – March 2 nd Current 11 th graders – March 9 th – 11 th

10 Journey to College and Career (JTCC) Goals Worksheets –Sophomore year –Junior year



13 Questions? Michelle Vaughn, Sophomore Counselor This PowerPoint and any handouts will be posted online at

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