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Adult Literacies 2020: Strategic Guidance Clare El Azebbi Policy Manager – Adult Literacies & ESOL

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1 Adult Literacies 2020: Strategic Guidance Clare El Azebbi Policy Manager – Adult Literacies & ESOL Email:

2 Aims  Scottish Government policy overview  Literacies policy development  The way forward

3 The Scottish Government ’ s purpose A Smarter Scotland 15 national outcomes in the Concordat with CoSLA characterising the kind of country the Scottish Government wants to build. Including: ‘We are better educated, more skilled and more successful, renowned for our research and innovation Our young people are successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens Our public services are high quality, continually improving, efficient ’ National indicators and targets include: ‘Reduce number of working age people with severe literacy and numeracy problems’ ►Literacies seen as helping employees develop vocational and wider employability skills as well as contributing to national economic success (Skills Strategy)

4 Literacy Action Plan THE ADULT ESOL STRATEGY FOR SCOTLAND Adult Literacies in Scotland 2010-2020 Working and learning together to build stronger communities

5 Recent policy developments in literacy and numeracy Literacy Commission report Dec 2009 Literacy Action Plan: Early Years through to Adulthood: Oct 2010 SSAL 2009: published 13 Aug 2010 HMIE aspect report Jan 2010 Adult Literacies 2020: Strategic Guidance: Dec 2010

6 Literacy Action Plan Literacy Commission Report: recommended need for Literacy Action Plan – from early years to adults Vision: to raise standards of literacy for all from the early years to adulthood Launched October 2010 Commitment to revise strategic guidance for adults

7 Scottish Survey of Adult Literacies 2009 (SSAL 2009) First survey for more than 10 years Nearly 2,000 interviewed Provides a clear picture of literacies levels in Scotland Helped shape the refreshed strategy

8 Scottish Survey of Adult Literacies 2009 (SSAL 2009) › Spiky profiles ›73.3% - appropriate for a contemporary society ›26.7% - some literacies challenges ›3.6% of 26.7% - 1 in 28 – very limited literacies capabilities

9 Survey - Other main findings  Lower literacies capabilities are strongly correlated with poverty and deprivation within Scotland  Stronger skills are associated with many other forms of advantage, such as better paying jobs and living in a less deprived area.  Overall literacy skills in Scotland are comparable with many of the world’s leading economies.

10 Adult Literacies in Scotland 2020: strategic guidance Vision: By 2020 Scotland's society and economy will be stronger because more of its adults are able to read, write and use numbers effectively in order to handle information, communicate with others, express ideas and opinions, make decisions and solve problems, as family members, workers, citizens and lifelong learners.

11 ALIS 2020: Outcomes Outcome 1: Scotland’s adults have access to literacies learning opportunities in which they can achieve their goals and progress Outcome 2: Adult literacies learners receive their high quality learning and teaching so they can achieve their goals Outcome 3: Scotland has a coherent and effective adult literacies infrastructure that enables and supports continuous enhancement of provision Outcome 4: There is evidence of the impacts and the value of literacies learning on individuals and society

12 ALIS 2020: Linked themes Literacies not isolated - part of wider social and economic agendas  Literacies, Employability and Work  Literacies and Financial Capability  Literacies and Family  Literacies, Health and Wellbeing

13 Particular groups Offenders and ex-offenders Adults whose first language is not English

14 Commitments Each sector to agree measurable and meaningful commitments against each action point Encouraged to report back to Scottish Government on annual basis Plans will be used to help measure progress and evidence the difference we are making

15 Implementing ALIS 2020 National Strategic Implementation Group – representatives from key sectors within learning and business - will:  advise on the implementation of the strategy  feedback to Scottish Government on progress within their sector Met for the first time on 10 March 2011

16 ALIS 2020 Strategic Implementation Group Consider key priorities for 2011/12 3 Working Groups set up: > Literacies for and within work > Professional development > Measuring impact

17 ALIS 2020 Prisons Voluntary Sector National orgs Local authorities/ CLD Colleges Work/ Unions You! Referral Orgs Other learners Who is implementing the new strategy?

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