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CLD Managers Scotland Annual Conference 8 th November 2010 Anne Jardine Director Learning and Teaching Scotland.

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1 CLD Managers Scotland Annual Conference 8 th November 2010 Anne Jardine Director Learning and Teaching Scotland

2 Curriculum for Excellence and CLD LTS role and progress Why CLD input is critical Bridging the Gap The Communities Team Links to adult learning and community capacity building Demonstrating the impact Stakeholder engagement

3 “ Curriculum for Excellence will enable young people to understand the world they are living in, to reach the highest possible levels of achievement, and equip them with the skills and knowledge for life, work and learning in the 21st. century.”

4 If I see you as you are, I invite you to be less than you can be. Gandhi If I see you as you can be, I invite you to be more than you are.

5 'Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results' Albert Einstein

6 Think and work collaboratively

7 The way we learn needs thinking about in new and better ways Charleston Academy Pupil Voice

8 Involve me and I understand. Involve me and I understand. Confucius 551 BC - 479 BC Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember.

9 What is education for?

10 Make the curriculum relevant for pupils for the 21 st Century

11 4 contexts for learning Curriculum Areas Ethos of the school Interdisciplinary learning Opportunities for personal achievement

12 Shaping the programme – national agencies and partners Building capacity – EAs, networks, local partnerships Supporting professional learning and sharing – turning Es & Os into action

13 Publications The Curriculum Review Group Nov 2004 March 2006 Nov 2006 March 2007 Sept 2007 – June 2008 April 2006 Progress & Proposals Starter and Reflective Tool Kits Building the Curriculum1 Building the Curriculum2 Draft Learning Experiences and Outcomes ByC3 Final Es/Os BtC4 BtC5 June 2008 April 2009 Jan 2010 Oct 2009


15 CfE: Entitlements Every child and young person is entitled to expect their education to provide them with: a curriculum which is coherent from 3 to 18 opportunities to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work (including career planning skills) with a continuous focus on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing support in moving into positive and sustained destinations beyond school.

16 To improve outcomes for Scotland’s young people, adults and communities by providing a lead role in community learning and development policy implementation and practice development. ‘Our community learning and development programme provides support to practitioners and learners of all ages within a variety of formal and informal settings’ Vision and Annual Plan

17 Policy Context (part of!!) Working and Learning Together (WALT) Curriculum for Excellence ALNIS ESOL Early Years Framework Joint Agreement on CLD National Performance Framework

18 LTS Structure 5 Directorates Curriculum and Assessment Learning and Community – the Communities Team Technologies for Learning International, Research and Innovation Corporate Services

19 Support young people to develop and succeed through programmes such as MCMC and Bridging the Gap Support and promote lifelong learning through community learning and development activities Support the development of strong, resilient and supportive communities Our key deliverables

20 The Communities Team Three workstreams/ teams reflecting WALT: Working with young people team Adult learning team Community capacity building team

21 Working with Young People Team Curriculum for Excellence Recognising achievement Transitions; 16+ Learning Choices GIRFEC and early intervention Family learning and inter-generational work

22 Adult Learning Team ESOL Community based adult learning The Big Plus Qualifications Research Supporting inclusion - dyslexia

23 Support to CLDMS and CDAS Upskilling programme Offender education Community Safety Sustainable development Arts and Culture Community Engagement Capacity Building Team

24 The CLD workforce are skilled, competent and confident in delivering high quality services which promote achievement for young people and adults and build the capacity of our communities Leadership of CLD activities in Scotland is strong’ effective and sustainable CLD makes an effective contribution to national and local partnerships with a direct impact in improving outcomes for individuals and communities LTS is recognised as a key contributor to lifelong learning in Scotland CLD can demonstrate and is recognised as having a critical role in the delivery of Scotland’s national outcomes Key outcomes

25 The team will make an effective contribution to wider LTS work programmes including early years, MCMC, enterprise, health and wellbeing, literacy and numeracy and citizenship The outcomes for Scotland’s young people have been improved through the development and impact of effective schools and youth work partnerships supporting the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence Working with Young People team

26 Adult learning practitioners have improved the quality of provision through access to high quality training and resources CLD stakeholders have been able to influence and implement Scottish Government policies relating to adult learning effectively Adult Learning Team

27 The CLD workforce has increased its confidence and competence in building the capacity of our communities The CLD sector has made a positive contribution to policy development and implementation in areas relating to community capacity building Building Community Capacity Team

28 health and well being literacy and numeracy inclusion citizenship learner voice Cross Cutting Themes

29 “Gaining recognition for their achievements.... can benefit all young people. It can increase their confidence, raise their aspirations, improve their motivation for learning and keep them engaged in education.” BtC3 “A priority is to recognise that achievement and attainment are not alternatives; both are the outcome of a rich and challenging experience “ ISE2 What are the opportunities for you to contribute within this achievement agenda? Achievement within CfE

30 Partnership approaches and integrated working- lifelong learning partnerships and learning communities Strategic and operational structures which help address and remove barriers to learning Effective transitions which offer support, guidance and direction Leadership at strategic and operational level Planning that is outcomes focussed What works ?

31 Impact of effective partnerships More varied, motivating and enjoyable learning experiences Clarity about purpose and connections across learning More successful outcomes for young people Recognition of achievement ‘Our staff work closely with youth work partners. They have benefited enormously from exposure to new and effective ways of engaging with young people on their terms and in their communities. By adopting youth work approaches, they are developing new ways of working, which is helping us deliver our services more effectively.’ Senior Executive, Skills Development Scotland

32 Moving Forward – consideration should be given to Training in developing skills in leading partnerships Establishing formal partnerships to improve co-ordination of services Developing effective systems to record, celebrate and accredit achievement Developing shared understanding of the intended outcomes of learning Providing joint training for teachers, CLD practitioners and other partners Improving young learner engagement in decision making Ensuring that planning highlights the CLD contribution ‘ Leaders build excellence into their day to day work. They set and meet improvement goals and plan, monitor and evaluate improvements. They quality assure the improvements they have made. They create value by working with partners and key stakeholders’ Journey to Excellence

33 Outward focus CLD Reference Group Area Link role Joint work with HMIE partnerships

34 Challenges/Opportunities Ahead Development of new agency Integration Website Access to Glow Curriculum for Excellence Raising the CLD profile

35 Discussion points Expectations / awareness of the new team Ideas for further partnership development and strengthening links Current issues/concerns facing the sector/practitioners Upskilling the workforce

36 Anne Jardine Director, Learning and Community, Learning and Teaching Scotland

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