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Year 11 Mock Exams 2015 January 6th – January 16th.

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1 Year 11 Mock Exams 2015 January 6th – January 16th

2 Individual Timetables
Please check your individual timetable when you receive it. Name Form DOB Correct subjects It is highly recommended that you do some copies of this timetable; leave one or two at home for your and your parents’ reference, and carry another copy at all times in your pocket when you’re in school.

3 Read the timetable correctly!
Date of exam Subject and paper title (so that you’ve revised the right stuff a brought the correct equipment!) Start time Duration Venue Seat number


5 Venues Most of your exams will take place in the gym.
For the English and Mathematics exams, some of you will be in the KS3 hall too. There are a few exams which take place in classrooms (eg Music Listening and French & Spanish Listening). The venue name, and seat in which you will be sitting will be printed on your personal timetable. Make sure you check your timetable carefully! Copies of the seating plan will be displayed on the noticeboards near art, and inside/outside the exam rooms. YOU MUST SIT IN THE CORRECT SEAT OR YOU MIGHT END UP TAKING THE WRONG EXAM!

6 The entrance for the gym is the main door, via the covered area near the PE store room.
Bring the minimum of personal possessions as all bags and coats must be left at the side – you cannot take them to the desk with you. You may take a bottle of water (only water) in with you if you want. It must be in a clear bottle with the label removed, and placed on the floor under your desk.

7 Start times There are three possible start times for the exams.
Session one starts at 08:45 Session two starts at 11:15 Session three starts at 14:10

8 Whatever the start time, you must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time.
In other words: Session one – arrive by 08:30 Session two – arrive by 11:00 Session three – arrive by 13:55

9 There will be some days when you might have three exams – sorry!
Remember though, you are on study leave during these nine days, so when you don’t have an exam, you do not have to be in school. You should be revising when you are not here.

10 In the Exam Room You are SILENT from the time you enter until you have left the room. Eyes front Focus on your own space and the task ahead Get your timings right – you can’t leave until the exam is over even if you finish early

11 Zero Tolerance If you arrive after the exam has started, you will not be allowed in to sit the exam. BE PUNCTUAL. If you arrive in incorrect uniform, you will not be allowed in to sit the exam. If you attempt to communicate with any other candidate, in any way once you have entered the exam room, you will be disqualified. If you engage in any form of malpractice (eg talking, disrupting others, plagiarism) you will be disqualified.

12 All your equipment must be in a CLEAR pencil case or plastic bag.
Ensure you bring all the materials you will need for the exam: Black pen(s) HB pencil(s) Rubber Ruler Mathematical equipment CALCULATOR (this is not only essential for maths exams) All your equipment must be in a CLEAR pencil case or plastic bag.

13 Electronic/digital data storage devices
You are not permitted to bring any mobile data storage device into the exam room. This means: Mobile phones MP3 players USBs If you must bring any of these items into school with you, they must be handed in before you enter the exam – Ms Chadwick and/or Ms Manders will be there to collect them.

14 It will make the process quicker (and you’ll get your stuff back more efficiently at the end) if you get yourself an envelope with your name and form on it that you can hand in at the start of each exam, containing your electronic device(s). More candidates are disqualified in the UK each year for malpractice incidents involving electronic devices than any other – don’t be part of that statistic.

15 Absence through Illness/ Emergency arrangements
If you are ill, ring into school to inform us as early as possible. If there is an emergency that you think will prevent you getting in, ring school. Your alarm not going off is NOT an emergency – have a back up alarm! Missing the bus is NOT an emergency – leave in time to get the bus earlier than you normally would. Misreading your timetable is (while unfortunate) NOT an emergency – read it more carefully!

16 Finally… Plan your revision carefully
Eat, sleep and exercise well during this time; some of these days will be tough going – keep yourself healthy. If you are anxious about anything at all in the lead up to the exams, or during, speak to someone about it. A few of you also have BTEC public exams during this time (Construction and Media students); these exams are on Friday 9th January. Make sure you are prepared for these too.

17 All the very best. Give 100% in all of your exams.
There will be a Results afternoon on Monday 2nd February in which you’ll be given your results envelopes. This will be a great opportunity for you to get a clear indication of what your outcomes might be in the summer, so make these exams count. All the very best.

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