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GCSE’s:- Exam Regulations, Guidance and Advice 2010-11.

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1 GCSE’s:- Exam Regulations, Guidance and Advice 2010-11

2 Important to you

3 You’re kidding! You count GCSE’s?! You never know when you will need them!

4 Public Exams Set and marked by external organisations Operate under their rules Penalties can be severe if not. obeyed –don’t risk it!

5 Make sure you are there! Tue 23 May 09:00 01:45 AQA 3712/F English Literature A Paper F GCSE 01:45 AQA 3712/H English Literature A Paper H GCSE Make sure you know. your timetable! Tuesday a.m. Maths Thursday p.m. Science

6 Make sure you are there! No: Dentists Doctors Opticians etc. Re-arrange them!

7 Where do I go and what times do I have to be there? Library, ‘Crossroads’ or MFL. Leisure Areas Leave bags in form rooms. then go to:

8 Mornings 9.00 a.m. Exams Start 8.30 a.m. Meet in Leisure Areas

9 Afternoons 12.30 Meet in Leisure Areas. 1.00 p.m. Exams Start

10 What do I need?

11 Your timetable (it contains details you will need to write on your answer booklet and is proof of your ID & entry)

12 What do I need? Black Biro (& spare) that both work!

13 What do I need? Pencils x 2 (or sharpener)

14 What do I need? Rubber

15 What do I need? Ruler

16 What do I need? For Maths & Science

17 What do I need? Specialist equipment?

18 What do I need? Coloured Pencils?

19 What other things can I take in?

20 Pencil Cases Clear Plastic

21 X Pencil Cases

22 X Drinks No labels

23 X Food

24 X Mascots

25 What things can’t I take in? X

26 X

27 X

28 For your own welfare; Do NOT; Doodle / Graffiti on your answer paper - it might annoy the person marking your paper who may then not be very sympathetic towards you.

29 ... or try any of. these!

30 Disqualifield No certificate will be awarded to a candidate detected in any unfair practice during the examination.

31 How do I get to my Exam Room? Names called in candidate number. order Walk to Exam Hall Keep in called order. Meet in leisure area

32 In all Exam Rooms Exam Regulations apply at all times

33 Entering the Exam Room sit where shown no talking no turning round no signaling listen carefully to instructions. from staff

34 During an Exam keep facing the front don’t try and communicate. with others in any way

35 During an Exam keep facing the front if in doubt, put your. hand straight up and. wait for an invigilator. to come to you. don’t try and communicate. with others in any way

36 At the End of Exam remain silent & facing forwards leave when told (in silence)

37 Some advice

38 Make sure you eat before an exam

39 Pay a visit before you go into an exam!

40 A calm 5 to 10 minutes before entering the exam room is good Be Cool!

41 Be Focused: Read the questions and understand them before beginning your answer. Ensure your work is clear & legible

42 Manage Your Time: Try to complete all of your exam paper. No prizes for finishing early.

43 Check Your Answers Don’t lose marks because of Careless Mistakes.

44 Be Positive! Don’t get Worried - have Confidence in yourself.

45 Injured or feeling ill? Special Consideration? We need evidence – Doctors note within 7 days of exam. Phone in before the start if you are too ill to take an exam


47 Good Luck! (Don’t forget your timetable!)

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