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Talent 21 Recycle Project Shannon Mulraney Period 1 Mr. Aleszczyk.

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1 Talent 21 Recycle Project Shannon Mulraney Period 1 Mr. Aleszczyk

2 I am an Average Earth Friend… I keep windows closed when the heat or air is on! I don’t let the water run when I am brushing my teeth! I recycle products whenever possible! I find new ways to use old items! I put litter in trash containers! I encourage my family to carpool! I walk or ride my bike whenever possible! I don’t take quick showers. I don’t turn off lights or appliances when they are no in use. I don’t bring my own bags to the store.

3 What can I make out of an empty 2- liter soda bottle? I could make a recycled bank out of an empty soda bottle. I can cut a insert slot near the top of the bottle and make a bank.

4 What are the 3 R’s of saving the environment? What could be a fourth R? Reduce: reduce the amount of water you use at home or anywhere else. Reuse: reuse things like empty soda bottles or even juice boxes to make new things. Recycle: recycle plastic or paper or anything with a recycling label on it. Those things can still be useful to Earth! While choosing a fourth R, it would probably be Rescue. Reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever you can to Rescue our home planet.

5 What can I do to help make a difference in our environment? I can recycle at home. Or not waste water. I can jump right into the shower as I turn it on and don’t leave it running when I brush my teeth. At school, I can use both sides of my paper when writing. Only filling up one side is wasting!!! In my community, I can grab a couple of my friends and go pick up trash on a bike trail or road. I have done it before and we filled up 2 whole recycling bins and one trash bin on the bake path behind my house!

6 Recycling one ton of paper saves how many trees???

7 Recycling ½ of the world’s paper can save how many acres of forests?

8 About how many pounds of plastic are thrown away by Americans each year?

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