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Recycling Project By: Haleigh Whitcraft.

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1 Recycling Project By: Haleigh Whitcraft

2 30 second Presentation Hey Davies Dragons! Did you know that the U.S. is the number one trash-producing country in the world? Well it is and this means that 5%of the worlds people generate 40%of the worlds waste. Also if you don`t put the trash in the right bin , pollution can start to begin and that’s a bad thing. You can use the 3 R`s to stop pollution. Like the 1st R = Reduce, remember to turn of the lights or your TV when your done using it. The 2nd R=Reuse, Donate old clothes or you can use newspaper as wrapping paper! And finally the 3rd R=Recycle, you can recycle old electronics such as a computer, camera, or an old phone. The 3 R`s are that simple! Take the action!!!!!!

3 2 Liter Bottle…… If I was given a 2 liter bottle I would decorate it and put flowers in it and use it as a vase!

4 Three R`s The three R`s are very important. The three R`s are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The fourth R can be Reinvent. You could always reinvent things out of old items that’s also reuse!

5 My Survey… YES NO I take quick showers…. *
I turn off lights when I am done with them * I keep the window s closed when the heat is on * I don’t let the water run while I brush my teeth * I recycle projects whenever possible * I bring my own bags to the store * I find new ways to use old items * I put liter in trash containers * I encourage my family to carpool * I walk or ride my bicycle whenever possible *

6 What I can do………. What I can do for my environment is help pick up trash off the streets, Recycle old newspaper, have a program to turn of your TV for at least an hour and go outside.

7 Recycling ……….. Recycling paper saves 17 trees!!!
Recycling ½ of the worlds paper saves 1.2 billion acres of forest! 20 billion pounds of plastic are thrown out yearly by Americans. Also, plastic bags or other plastic materials are thrown into the ocean to kill as many of 1,000,000 sea creatures every year. Also, Americans throw away over 25,000,000 plastic beverages bottles every hour! Take the action and recycle to fix that!!!

8 Fun Facts! Did you know….? A plastic bottle takes 700 years before it will begin to decompose. We could save 250 million trees each year if every American recycled his or her newspapers and magazines. Americans consume more than 80 billion cans of soda every year. About 50 percent of cans are recycled.. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again. Motor oil never wears out. It can be recycled and used over and over.

9 Special Thanks to….. I like to give a special thanks to, and I would also like to give a special thanks to

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