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BrendaRone, Susan Gentry, and BridgettNiedringhaus HazelwoodSchool District.

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2 BrendaRone, Susan Gentry, and BridgettNiedringhaus HazelwoodSchool District

3 Second Grade, Show Me Standard CA 1, 2, and 3 The elements of Ecology and communication skills are integrated in the activities. We suggest that students keep a journal. It is critical for students to use writing skills to explain answers. When you see this symbol students should use their journals. Please take time to discuss possible answers. Teacher Page Click for new screens


5 Save The Earth Save our Earth And help to keep it clean. Very few people are doing their part. Everyone’s help is needed. The ozone layer is depleting, causing Heating of the land and air. Everyone’s carelessness is getting out of hand. Each of us needs to play a part And help to save our planet. Recycle, reduce, reuse The things you use each day. Handle our Earth with care. Depleting- running our of something Ozone-

6 Questions A. What is the effect of the ozone depleting? C. What things could you do as a class to save our Earth? B. Give two examples for each way to take care of our Earth: RECYCLE REDUCE REUSE Sample answers next

7 Save The Earth Sample Answers A. As the ozone layer gets thinner the land and air heat up. B. Possible answers: Recycle-newspapers, soda cans, glass bottles, aluminum foil, milk jugs Reduce-turn faucet off when brushing your teeth, write on each side of the paper, turn off unused lights Reuse-plastic bags, buying recycled products, pieces of aluminum foil, empty containers more

8 C. As a class you might do many things to help save our Earth. Start a recycling program where students separate plastic, paper, and aluminum into individual containers. Have a trash pick up day and clean up the school and playground. Choose a monitor to make sure classroom lights are turned off when leaving the room. Take only items you need when going through the lunch line. Use all your classroom supplies before getting new ones. Click for more ideas Discuss any other ideas you came up with. End of Activity

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