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Prof Andrew McNaughton HS2 Ltd Technical Director 1 Developing HS2.

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1 Prof Andrew McNaughton HS2 Ltd Technical Director 1 Developing HS2

2 2 The story so far Jan 2009 - HS2 Ltd established Mar 2010 – Command paper + HS2 report May 2010 – General Election Dec 2010 – Consultation to commence Feb 2011 to Jul 2011 – Consultation on HSR and LWM route Jan 2012 – Decision to proceed…

3 3 We have upgraded classic rail Dominant mode for travel to Central London Growing fast Market share between other cities very low At maximum capacity by 2025 Further upgrading extremely disruptive

4 4 Benefits- Capacity and connectivity Total cost for Y network (inc Phase 1) is £32.7bn* Compared to building a traditional line, HS2 will deliver £4 in benefits for every additional £1 spent Wider benefits for jobs and regeneration Moving intercity services onto HS2 means more space for commuter, regional and freight services on existing lines  Y network will see up to 4.5 million air trips and 9 million road trips move to rail  Additional railfreight capacity could take 200 trucks per hour off roads, saving 500,000 tonnes of CO2 pa Transforms journey time between principal cities * 2011 prices

5 5 Government gives go ahead 10 Jan Secretary of State green light:  Y network: London to West Midlands with extensions to Manchester and Leeds and spur to Heathrow  London to West Midlands Alignment  Changes to consultation route including changes following 2011 consultation

6 6 HS2 Ltd mobilises Move from advisory role to developing phase 1 and promoting HS2 Grow and strengthen organisation with new expertise  CH2M Hill as development project management partner  Framework of professional services consultants

7 7 Hybrid bill The act will give powers to:  Build and operate HS2  Acquire and lease land  Alter roads  Modify statutory undertaker’s equipment Deposit hybrid bill by end of 2013 Royal assent 2015

8 8 Working towards hybrid bill for phase 1 Design of line and stations  Detailed measures e.g. earth building, landscaping  Construction methods and sites  Outline design of stations, viaducts and bridges etc Land referencing Managing petitioners

9 9 Working towards hybrid bill for phase 1 Environmental impact assessment and preparation of environmental statement, for example:  Ecological, geological and archaeological surveys  Noise assessment  Impact on water courses, flood risk etc Scale of work  17 work packages covering design, environment and land  At times up to 1000 people working on programme

10 10 Mitigating effects on people and nature

11 11 “A thing of beauty”

12 12 Noise mitigation: Landscape and barriers Images: Arup (HS1)

13 13 Tunnel noise and vibration control Resilient Material

14 14 Consultations Scoping of the environmental impact assessment spring 2012 Blight consultation 2012 Safeguarding consultation 2012 Environmental statement consultation spring 2013

15 15 Leeds Manchester and Heathrow Options report went to Secretary of State March 2012 Informal consultation 2012 Government decision on proposed route and station options autumn 2012 Formal consultation 2013?

16 16 Initial network London to  West Midlands1-24 to 0-49  Manchester2-08 to 1-13  Leeds2-15 to 1-20  Scotland4-20 to 3-30 Birmingham to  Manchester1-34 to 0-40  Leeds2-05 to 1-00 Heathrow to  Manchester1-10  Paris2-40 London Manchester Birmingham Scotland Leeds Heathrow Newcastle

17 17 1 st Stage London to  West Midlands1-24 to 0-49  Manchester2-08 to 1-40  Glasgow4-20 to 4-00 Birmingham to  Paris4-30 to 3-00 London Manchester Birmingham Glasgow

18 18 Through running – “Eurostar Mark 2”

19 19 High speed specification No premium on fares Journey times based on 360kph (225mph) trains Up to 18 trains per hour Fully EU TSI Compliant Up to 1100 seats per train

20 20 London - 2 central stations Euston Old Oak Common

21 21 HS stations are large! 1070m

22 22 London Euston

23 23 Old Oak Common Interchange

24 24 Old Oak Common

25 25 New Central Birmingham Station

26 26 West Midlands Interchange Links to National Exhibition Centre and the Airport ‘Parkway’ feeder for the metropolitan area People mover connection to be provided Road connections to trunk network

27 27 HS2 timescales 2011Public Consultation 2012Decision to Develop 2013Start Act of Parliament 2017Start Physical Work 2026Open to Birmingham 2033The “Y” Complete

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