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Mainstreaming Cycling for All Nick Vaughan Transport for Greater Manchester Eleanor Roaf Sustrans Local Sustainable Transport Fund National Conference.

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1 Mainstreaming Cycling for All Nick Vaughan Transport for Greater Manchester Eleanor Roaf Sustrans Local Sustainable Transport Fund National Conference 3 & 4 th December 2013 Manchester Town Hall






7 Where we are now Current mode across Greater Manchester is 2% Rate of growth 30% increase in cycling from 2005 Since April 2011 TfGM has had a responsibility for cycling To provide strategic overview and co-ordination To manage funding bids on behalf of Greater Manchester Authorities A consistent focus on cycling as part of our sustainable transport offer £5 million - LSTF Key component £18 million – LSTF Large projects cycling elements £2 million – Cycle Safety Fund £20 million – Cycle City Ambition Grant

8 The case for Cycling Strong in three areas which are well documented in terms of the benefits Health Personal physical and mental health benefits Environment Helps meets low carbon targets Enables sustainable development Create a sense of place Economy Provides value for money for the public purse Financial saving to the NHS These support arguments about creating liveable cities which

9 …..will enable us to transform our city region into a place dominated by people not traffic by creating an urban environment that reduces the impact of cars e.g. noise severance, parking requirements and provides potential for new green space. Cities that are attractive to live and work in are places where businesses also want to invest.

10 Greater Manchester’s Cycling Vision Our vision of a city fit for the future; a healthy, safe, sustainable city region that people want to live and work in… Vélocity 2025 …. and visit and where a well established cycling culture is integral to the region’s health and prosperity. Draft Greater Manchester Cycling Strategy Our target is to see a 300% increase by 2025 of the level in 2011 target a 10% mode share for short trips by 2025 alongside continued government funding commitments

11 Investment frameworks Route network development Interchange programme Partner schools programme Health, wellbeing and physical activity Practical support and training Marketing and communications Monitoring and evaluation

12 Route Network Development According to the latest 2013 TfGM Skyride survey; Over 80% of surveyed participants said they would definitely be encouraged to cycle more often if there were safer routes/paths. Principle of infrastructure that is comfortable for use for 8-80 year olds. Is focused on what potential cyclists want not only what existing cyclists want. Support good infrastructure with a comprehensive Travel Choices package will give more people the confidence to cycle. Separation is key – which means providing a network of high quality, continuous routes, segregated from general traffic where possible. Example - Berlin 860 km of completely separate bike paths 60km of on street bike lanes 70km of shared bike/bus lanes 100km of shared bike/pedestrians paths

13 The Interchange Programme In order to increase the number of access trips to transport interchanges across Greater Manchester we: are improving the quality and availability of secure cycle parking; delivering 10 cycle hubs across Greater Manchester funded by LSTF are supporting Northern Rail to deliver secure cycle hubs at 7 Northern Rail stations are delivering 7 cycle and ride Metrolink and NR stations across the city region funded through CCAG are addressing route connectivity, security and signage at and around stations will link investment to wider scheme proposals including park and ride, safety and security and passenger information will deliver bespoke station travel plans tailored to the catchment area

14 Partner Schools Programme In order to embed cycling throughout our schools and colleges we plan to: Build upon existing measures within education establishments Increase the provision of secure cycle parking Improve route connectivity and signage Link to wider investment including 20mph zones Strengthen links with schools and colleges to develop travel plans and school access audits Make available a comprehensive package of interventions that can be delivered in school and to the wider school community

15 Health, wellbeing and physical activity In order to contribute to the improvements in the health and wellbeing of our residents we plan to: Address physical health challenges including conditions such as cancer, obesity and heart disease where inactivity is a contributory factor Support initiatives that deliver Greater Manchester’s mental health and wellbeing objectives Identify opportunities to link with existing initiatives and programmes being proposed through CCG’s, LA’s and third sector programmes Develop strategic links with Greater Manchester’s Directors of Public Health and CCG’s to influence and deliver cycling and walking policy

16 Practical support and training In order to encourage changes in travel behaviour through our communities we plan to: Develop a programme of practical support to raise awareness of cycling and walking as a travel option including cycle training, bike buddy and community engagement schemes Develop and deliver a programme of Travel Choice interventions including -Station travel plans -Personal travel planning -Business engagement Develop specific activities linked to wider scheme investments; including new routes and improvements to interchanges Build on existing programmes of intervention being delivered across GM

17 Marketing and communication In order to engage with different audiences we plan to: Understand and review existing communications networks including cycle maps, websites and newsletters Investigate new technology channels Establish links to stakeholder information and communication strategies Undertake a range of promotional activities and events Ensure coordination across Travel Choices programmes Develop a catalogue of leaflets and flyers that support business and community engagement

18 The Bicycle Account In our Vélocity 2025 proposal we committed to developing a Copenhagen Style Bicycle Account for Greater Manchester This will include: An infrastructure account Cycle flows and mode share account Satisfaction account Impact account



21 Sustrans in the Northwest Eleanor Roaf






27 And finally….

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