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RTS Re-fresh North East Transport Consultative Forum Tuesday 30th October 2012.

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2 RTS Re-fresh North East Transport Consultative Forum Tuesday 30th October 2012

3 Regional Transport Strategy  Approved by Scottish Ministers in 2008  £1 billion package of measures  Covering period to 2021  Separate delivery plan published in 2010

4 Main Issues Report  What has changed since the RTS was published in 2008? –Policy –Infrastructure –Funding  Current trends and progress towards achieving the objectives  Trends forecast to 2030/35  Where we want to be in 2030/35

5 External changes since 2008 European and National Policy  EU White Paper on Transport  Climate Change legislation and guidance  Scottish Government Economic Strategy  Cycling Action Plan for Scotland  Scotland’s Cities: Delivering for Scotland  National Planning Framework 2  Designing Streets  Scottish Government Infrastructure Investment Plan

6 North East Policy changes since 2008  Structure Plan & Local Development Plans adopted –In 2008 the RTS did not have the context of an up to date development plan  RTS Action Plans: –Health & Transport –Bus –Rail –Freight  Regional Parking Strategy  Road Casualty Reduction Strategy  Air Quality Action Plan (City Council)

7 Forecast trends to 2035  Population growth and housing requirement –Structure Plan aims to increase population by around 30,000 between 2011 and 2035 –Allowance for 67,000 new homes in the same period  Cumulative impact on the transport network  Changing travel patterns  Trends towards increasing levels of obesity and poorer health  Uncertainty in the future cost of fuel Consultation Question: –Do the objectives and actions, as set out in the current RTS, remain valid and fit for purpose in light of these predicted trends

8 Consultation Questions 1. Does the MIR fairly reflect the changes in policy, funding and trends since the publication of the RTS in 2008? 2. Are there any other issues affecting the extension of the RTS that should be considered? 3. Are there any other trends that will influence the delivery of the RTS that need to be considered?

9 Proposed changes to the strategy External connections strategy  Inclusion of proposals to dual the A96, as included in the Scottish Government Infrastructure Investment Plan  Continue dialogue with Scottish Government and the Northern Isles ferry operator to ensure continuation of service.  Rail enhancements –Aberdeen-Inverness –Aberdeen-Central Belt  High Speed Rail  Aviation

10 Proposed changes to the strategy Internal connections strategy  Rephrase local rail improvements focussing on incremental delivery through individual projects.  Investigate the potential for further stations in the context of upgrades to the existing rail lines  Rail Action Plan review  Road capacity improvements to mitigate the cumulative impact of development – Strategic Transport Fund  New locations for strategic road capacity and safety improvements –Prioritisation  Explore the potential for Park & Ride mini-hubs

11 Internal connections strategy cont…  A focus on improving surface access to Aberdeen Airport by all modes, rather than just bus.  Improved access for public transport at Dyce railway station  Less specific in relation to access to the airport, reference to high quality transport links.  Public transport improvements to mitigate the cumulative impact of development  Addition of smart ticketing for public transport  Reference to the pedestrianisation of Union Street  Greater emphasis on developing a connected and strategic cycle network

12 Strategic policy framework  Develop an active travel action plan  Continue to promote and strengthen the Getabout brand  Removal of specific reference to TMOs – encourage businesses to co- operate on travel planning  Inclusion of car club schemes alongside carshare initiatives  Specific reference to the delivery of the Health & Transport Action Plan  Support enforcement measures to improve the operation of bus lanes  Support the development and trial of new technologies  Support measures that encourage the uptake of alternative fuels  Demand management and other measures to maximise the benefits of road investment  An active and inclusive approach to engagement and consultation

13 Next Steps  Main Issues Report for consultation  Formally refer to the two Councils for comment  SEA and EIA  Members’ Workshop  NETCF meeting with stakeholders  Opportunity for more detailed discussions with partners if required  Final re-fresh to Board for approval  Final output – a revised actions table as an addendum to the existing RTS document  Submission to Scottish Ministers


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