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MTF Rail Development Forum

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1 MTF Rail Development Forum
Avalon Airport, Melbourne Airport & Doncaster Rail Studies 15 August 2011

2 Avalon Airport Rail Link Study

3 Project Outline The Avalon Airport Rail Link project is investigating options for a rail corridor to Avalon Airport, to allow a direct connection with Melbourne and Geelong. The State Government has committed $3 million over two years for planning and development of the project.

4 Project Benefits A rail link to Avalon Airport will:
provide a high standard public transport service for people travelling to and from Avalon Airport support the development of Avalon Airport and help secure its future as Melbourne's second international airport support growth of economic and employment opportunities by helping to attract airlines, jobs, visitors and investment into Victoria Facilitate improved freight access

5 Current Status Finalising team mobilisation.
The project is in its early planning stage, which involves a range of technical, economic and environmental investigations background investigations. Engagement with the community and stakeholders will commence over the coming months.

6 Melbourne Airport Rail Link Study

7 Study Background On the 3 May 2011, the Minister for Public transport announced $6.5m commitment to undertake a study into a rail line to Melbourne Airport. The 2 year study will be conducted by the Department of Transport and will be transitioned across to the new Victorian Public Transport Development Authority once established. The study will examine routes for a rail line linking Melbourne Airport to the city. Key objectives include: understand the feasibility of building a frequent and reliable rail link to Melbourne Airport; explore integrated transport and land-use opportunities to ensure Melbourne remains competitive with Sydney, Brisbane and international cities; and help reduce congestion on the Tullamarine freeway and local transport networks.

8 Project Description The study will examine a number of routes for a rail line linking Melbourne Airport with the city. It will: recommend preferred rail alignment investigate options for station locations include technical investigations understand future patronage demand understand impacts on existing bus services and transport networks consider context of Federal Government’s High Speed Rail Initiative include consultation with key stakeholders, businesses and communities

9 Status Planning for the study has now commenced
Finalising team mobilisation Preliminary discussions have commenced with key stakeholders

10 Doncaster Rail Study

11 Background On 3 May 2011, the Minister for Public Transport announced that $6.5 million would be provided for a detailed study into a Doncaster heavy rail link The study will examine a number of routes for a heavy rail line linking Doncaster to the city


13 History Railway to Doncaster was a rail network development proposed in the 1969 Transport Plan and was discussed as far back as 1930’s The 1969 Plan proposed a rail line be built from Victoria Park station via the Eastern Freeway to a terminus near the corner of Blackburn Road and King Streets In lieu of a rail service, Doncaster has been serviced with direct, frequent bus routes to the city along the Eastern Freeway

14 Project Description The project will explore options for providing a high quality heavy rail link from Doncaster to the city. These options will include and consider: Technical investigations into different routes Improved integrated transport opportunities for commuters Future patronage demand in the medium to long term Integration with future operational and strategic plans for the rail network Location of proposed railway stations

15 Study Leader An independent study leader will be appointed to bring together the findings of specialist advice and report to the government They will be a specialist consultancy with extensive transport experience and skills needed to independently interpret and report on technical investigations The project leader will: coordinate and manage work undertaken by the project team lead discussions and briefings from a transport, land-use and community perspective develop the final study report with recommendations, including an assessment of how to best minimise impact

16 Project Scope It is proposed that the study will be undertaken in two phases Phase 1 will encompass a high level assessment of all relevant issues and available options An options report is expected in mid 2012 Phase 2 is expected to commence in mid 2012 It will encompass further detailed development of a preferred option subject to the findings of Phase 1 It will take particular note of community and stakeholder feedback captured during Phase 1 Once commenced, Phase 2 is expected to take a further 12 months to complete

17 Next steps DOT have briefed suitable consultants to undertake the study. The briefs include: Engineering Design & Costing Environmental & Heritage Transport Planning & Operational Assessment Demographics, Land Use and Economics Consultation & Communication Transport Modelling Social Impact It is expected the tender and evaluation period for the specialist studies will be completed within the next 2 months DOT have commenced preliminary consultation with local government

18 Communications & Consultation

19 Consultation and Communications
Community and Stakeholder input will be an integral part of all the studies. Feedback will help each project ensure interests of key stakeholders and community are reflected in the studies. Appropriate opportunities for stakeholder and community input will be identified by each project team throughout the progress of the study. Consultation will likely include but not be limited to: Local government briefings Community workshops technical workshops Targeted interviews Public submissions An informative and interactive online forum The community will have various opportunities to offer feedback and get involved in the study as it progresses.

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