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CHEMISTRY 10123/10125 Spring 2007 Instructor: Professor Tracy Hanna Phone: 817-257-6197 Office: SWR 418

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1 CHEMISTRY 10123/10125 Spring 2007 Instructor: Professor Tracy Hanna Email: Phone: 817-257-6197 Office: SWR 418 Office Hours: Monday: ….. 9:30 - 11:00 AM and 1:00 - 2:30 PM Tuesday: …. 9:30 - 10:30 AM and 1:00 – 2:30 PM (other times by appointment and/or as announced in class)

2 Course Policies 1. MAKE-UP EXAMS (hour exams only - not weekly quizzes) will be given only in cases of official excused absences which include any of the following. All makeup exams will be given at the end of the semester on a date TBA. The same exam will be used regardless of which exam was missed. (a) student’s name on the Official University List of Excused Absences (b) A written medical excuse that includes the doctor’s name, phone number, and a clear statement that the illness requires absence from class(es) (c) A written notice from the Dean of Campus Life concerning a major personal issue such as death in the immediate family. Weekly quizzes that are missed for one of the above reasons will not be counted toward the student’s quiz average, otherwise a zero will be recorded. 2. CALCULATORS -- You will need a simple, scientific calculator capable of doing Scientific notation and logarithms for the exams. Sharing of calculators during Exams is not permitted. PROGRAMMABLE OR GRAPHING CALCULATORS, HANDHELD OR LAPTOP COMPUTERS, CELL PHONES, OR OTHER DEVICES WITH SIGNIFICANT MEMORY CAPABILITY ARE NOT PERMITTED. (If it costs more than $10-15, it probably will not be allowed.)

3 Course Policies 3. On the quizzes and exams, “SHOW ALL WORK” means show a clear logical method, including units for all quantities, for solving the problem. In such cases, the right answer is worth nothing unless your work is properly shown. 4. DON’T FALL BEHIND ! ! ! Even more important than last semester!! More than most courses, general chemistry requires disciplined study habits, which means keeping up with the material on a day-by-day basis. Do the homework problems with the objective of understanding the concept, not just getting the right answer. 5. Most importantly, please take advantage of the office hours and ASK FOR HELP!

4 Lecture, Exam, and Grading Information Textbook, Lectures, and “Homework” Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, 2nd Edition, by N. J. Tro This semester, we will cover approximately chapters 12-24 in the following sequence: –Chapters 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 24 Each of the four hour exams will typically cover 2-3 chapters. Weekly quizzes will cover new material since the last quiz or exam. Without question, the best way to study for this course is to WORK PROBLEMS!! At the very least, do the “red-numbered” problems at the end of each chapter, with emphasis on those that illustrate topics covered in class. Many of the more-challenging “additional exercises” in the book are also very good for testing your understanding of the the important concepts. Check the class website for a list of recommended problems in each chapter. These “homework” problems are for your own study benefit; they will not be collected or graded.

5 Lecture, Exam, and Grading Information Exam Schedule Other Important Dates –Mar. 19 - 23…………..Spring Break –Thursday, Mar. 15 …..Last day to drop a course!! –Friday, April 6…………No class; Good Friday –Wednesday, May 2 …..Last day of class Exam 1Wednesday, February 8 Exam 2Wednesday, March 7 Exam 3Wednesday, April 4 Exam 4Wednesday, April 25 Quizzes1/25 2/1 2/22 2/29 3/28 4/18 Final ExamMonday, May 7 (11:30 AM)

6 Lecture, Exam, and Grading Information Grading Scheme -- Chem 10123 4 Hour Exams: 60% (15 % each) Quiz Average: 15% (average of 5 best) Final Exam: 25% Grading Scheme -- Chem 10125 Lecture Average: 80% (Same as Chem 10123 above) Lab Average: 20%

7 How to Study Gen Chem 1.Review notes and textbook before class. 2.In class ….. Listen, Think, and Ask Questions. 3.Emphasize the major topics in the class notes. 4.Concentrate on one or two topics per study session. (~ one class worth, not a whole chapter, at one time) 5.Work Problems, Problems, Problems!!! 6.Start with sample problems within the text. 1.Then do review problems at the end of chapter on same topic. 2.When you’ve finished a chapter, do the Additional Exercises. 3.For more review, work exams and quizzes from the web. Use the office hours! Study every day and Don’t Get Behind!

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