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Solon High School February 19, 2015

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1 Solon High School February 19, 2015

2 What is College Credit Plus?
An educational option for students to earn college and high school credit at the same time by taking courses from community colleges or universities at minimal or no cost to parents Purpose: Promote academic pursuits to students in Ohio Provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students

3 Can I participate? Students in grades 7-12 may apply for CCP admission to a public or participating private college The college will assess students for “college- readiness” in one or more subject areas to determine admission status

4 How can CCP benefit me? Provide more options for academic coursework
Provide the opportunity to complete college credits while in high school Provide the opportunity to explore college content specific to area of interest

5 How do college courses earn me high school credit?
CCP allows students to earn college credit and apply that credit to high school graduation requirements College Credit-Hour Course = High School Credit 3 or higher

6 How are high school graduation requirements affected?
High school graduation requirements will not be waived as a result of participation in CCP Students will not receive a diploma until after the course is successfully completed and the graduation requirement is met, including state testing requirements

7 Where can I take college classes?
Some college courses may be offered at your high school Online courses through the college Courses at college campuses

8 Local Colleges and Universities

9 My high school has a formal arrangement with a local college to offer CCP. Are those the only courses I can take? No. After admitted to a college, you can take any courses offered by that college that you are college- ready to take (excluding remedial courses) May take courses offered in person or online by any public or participating private college in Ohio

10 Will CCP grades appear on my high school transcript?
Yes. High school credit awarded for courses successfully completed under CCP will satisfy or exceed the graduation requirements of the school district CCP courses will be listed by the course title on the transcript A CCP course will be computed into the GPA using the same scale as Advanced Placement when an Advanced Placement course in that subject is also offered at Solon High School

11 How does CCP impact athletic eligibility?
A student athlete must remain eligible in accordance with OHSAA bylaws To be athletically eligible, students must be passing five, one credit courses or the equivalent per grading period Most CCP courses taken during a semester will equal one Carnegie unit, allowing students to earn more than the required five for athletic eligibility

12 What are my academic and social responsibilities?
Follow rules and regulations set by the college/university Follow rules and regulations set by the high school Access to advising from the campus-based support services Access to your school counselor and high school resources

13 What courses are available through CCP after being admitted to a college?
Any course in the college’s course catalogue that is: Not remedial or religious Applies toward a degree of professional certificate In a subject area in which you are college- ready

14 Who pays for CCP college admission, textbooks, fees, and transportation?
Students attending a public college will not be charged for tuition, books, or fees Students attending a private college may be charged based on the college and course, in accordance with law Responsibility for transportation rests with the student

15 What if I fail a class? Classes failed or withdrawn with an “F” will receive an “F” on the high school and college transcripts and will be calculated into the high school and college GPA Students will be responsible to reimburse the district for the amount paid for the failed course The district will hold grades and credits received for high school courses taken until reimbursement has been made

16 Does college credit transfer after graduation?
Many entry-level courses earned at an Ohio public college are guaranteed to transfer to any other Ohio public college Credits earned at private colleges will be evaluated by the institution you are seeking to attend Earning college credit through CCP will not affect applications for financial aid/scholarships limited to entering freshmen

17 What are the potential risks and consequences?
Increased responsibility for learning Reduced opportunities to participate in high school activities/athletics Possible affect on GPA Increased time and responsibility for travel Increased potential for scheduling conflicts each semester Academic gaps in curriculum of sequential coursework between high school and college

18 What are the potential benefits?
Expands curricular choices Provides opportunities/choices for specific learning in area of interest Allows students to earn college credit while in high school at minimal cost Allows students to experience college-level work while making post-high school plans

19 What are the next steps? Submit your Intent to Participate forms to SHS Guidance by April 1st Contact the college for information, application forms, and criteria for acceptance into CCP Follow the procedures of the college/universities to apply to CCP and to enroll in courses Communicate with your SHS counselor about your plans for scheduling Register for classes and provide your SHS counselors with your college schedule

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