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Parent Meeting – 9 th and 10 th grades.  9 th Grade Advisors – Mr. Dials & Mrs. Taylor  10 th Grade Advisors – Miss Cline & Mr. Kithcart.

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1 Parent Meeting – 9 th and 10 th grades

2  9 th Grade Advisors – Mr. Dials & Mrs. Taylor  10 th Grade Advisors – Miss Cline & Mr. Kithcart

3  Your student can earn college credits during each year as a sophomore, junior, and senior. The amount provided free by the state varies from year-to-year (usually four to six).  The first PSO sequence offered on campus (10 th grade) is American Culture and History (AMST 1010 and 1030). o The sequence is a six-hour semester sequence (two 3-hour classes). o Freshmen must have at least a 3.5 GPA and obtain a score of at least 18 on the Reading portion of the ACT or score at least an 80 on the Compass Reading Test (taken at NCSC)

4  For 11 th grade, PSO Chemistry (CHEM 1010 and 1030) is one PSO option. o Requires a 2.75 GPA and an ACT Math score of at least 21 or a Compass score of at least 65 on Pre-Algebra. o These requirements are regardless of whether PSO History was taken the previous year.  NCSC has verified that Anatomy will be reinstated as a PSO course

5  910 Series: online but at set time and with interaction with Professor (text will be in pink box)  920 Series: online and available at flexible times (text will be in white box)  HS site based: primarily for students from a specific HS  Students must still meet regular PSO requirements

6  Examples (See NCSC website for more):  Introduction to Criminal Justice  American Culture and History (to 1877)  Introduction to Psychology  Introduction to Sociology  Space is limited, so these classes may not be available.

7  The state of Ohio has established these course requirements for graduation for the class of 2014 and beyond.  English – 4 units  Health – ½ unit  Mathematics – 4 units, including Algebra 2  Physical Education – ½ unit (sports waiver may apply)  Science – 3 units, must include physical science, biology, and 1 unit of advanced science  Social Studies – 3 units  Electives – 5 units

8  The State of Ohio has an honors diploma (considered College Prep III at MCS) ◦ – Search: Honors diploma ◦ Basic requirements – 7 of 8 criteria must be fulfilled  English – 4 credits  Science – 4 credits (must include chemistry and physics)  Social Studies – 4 credits  MCS offers World History as an optional social studies class  Mathematics – 4 credits (Alg. 1 and 2, Geometry, and higher level course)  Foreign Language – 3 units  Fine Arts – 1 credit  ACT score of at least 27 or SAT of 1210 (not including writing)  GPA – at least 3.5

9  24 units required  Fine arts requirement  1Bible unit for each year at MCS high school  Three college prep diploma tracks offered (see academic handbook for details)

10  Class of 2016 may be the final cohort required to take and pass all five OGTs. Reading Mathematics Writing Science Social Studies  Testing begins in March of the sophomore year.  Students failing any one of the tests may retake that test in the summer, fall, or spring in each of their junior and senior years.

11  The Credit Flex program is a state-allowed option affecting how credits can be earned.  Previously, credits were earned based on the amount of time a student spent in class.  Credit Flex is based on content rather than time.  All grades received via Credit Flex are treated as any other grade on the transcript. There is no distinguishing features on the transcript to identify Credit Flex grades.

12  In short, there are three main Credit Flex options: 1.Optional Delivery – MCS currently does this via Ignitia and Rosetta Stone. 2.Testing Option – Students may opt to take only prescribed tests and projects as predetermined by the teacher as the basis for the grade.  Note: A student may not do this in conjunction with taking the class.  The class must be a separate and independent endeavor. 3. A student may suggest an alternate course to take for credit to administration no later than May 1 st for the following school year.  The student is responsible for presenting a plan that shows that the course addresses all pertinent state standards and biblical integration.  A presentation must be made prior to the deadline date to the administration by appointment.

13  1) Testing ◦ 9 th graders took the PLAN test last fall and 11 th grade took the PSAT last month. ◦ Decide whether the ACT test as a sophomore is advisable. Definitely take the ACT as a junior. (The SAT is an acceptable alternative, but most Ohio colleges prefer the ACT.)

14  2) College Visits ◦ It is recommended that students make at least two college visits by the end of junior year. ◦ The junior year is the best time to start the college visitation process as some colleges reward early application and commitment. ◦ A College Visit Permission Form should be obtained from the office. Proper filling out of this form prior to your visit will treat the visit as a field trip and not an absence.

15  It is too early to know what course changes are in store for next year and what will be the teacher assignments.  Bible has been revamped to have grades 9-10 and 11-12 together in order to give more schedule flexibility.

16  The state is developing end-of-course assessments for 10 required courses: its implementation year is scheduled to be 2014-2015 but may change. These will be computer-based.  Algebra 1, 2 and Geometry  English 1, 2, 3  US History and Government  Physical Science and Biology  The state will be requiring all juniors to take the PSAT.

17  Ohio Career Information System (OCIS)  gives Ohio college info and career exploration tools  appropriate for grades 9-12  UN: sparcPW: ohiocis03  My College QuickStart  is a website sponsored by the College Board (SAT)  career and college planning based on PSAT  appropriate for grades 11-12

18 Have a great night! Thank you for coming!

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