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1 © Copyright 2008 STI INNSBRUCK Fiksu José María García

2 Fact sheet Fiksu = smart (in Finnish) Boston, MA based marketing technology company Offices in San Francisco and London Funded in Dec. 2008 as Fluent Mobile, Inc. CEO & founder: Micah Adler Acquired funding: $16.7M (venture round, series A, series B) Revenue: $4M Employees: 105 2

3 Some clients 3

4 Products Fiksu for Mobile Apps FreeMyApps 4

5 Cohesive mobile app marketing ecosystem 5

6 Fiksu Programmatic Mobile Demand Platform Technology foundation of Fiksu products Media integration layer Big data Attribution Optimization engine Development APIs 6

7 Fiksu Display Run mobile user acquisition campaigns through ad networks Attribution –end-to-end tracking –Find sources driving more performance Access to virtually any ad network Single point access to manage ad campaigns Works with 3rd party tracking products All data & reports can be accessed via Fiksu data API 7

8 Fiksu Social Facebook ads API integration Interest mining to identify highly valuable users Optimization technology to sustain large-scale campaigns Automated budget controls Also with Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest 8

9 Fiksu Demand Side Platform Real-time bidding: Google-Ad-X, MoPub, Nexage, Smaato Single-point entry and unified reporting Serves right media to right person at right time and right price Optimization algorithms to identify targeting combinations Adjust bids and budget allocation Network agnostic 9

10 Fiksu Incent Define best value per user Scale the user base Enhance conversion and user engagement Integrated with incentivized networks: Tapjoy, SponsorPay… Access to Fiksu’s FreeMyApps Real-time reporting 10

11 Fiksu Attribution Tracking and analytics solutions Measures all key metrics: installs, clicks, ROI, retention… Tracks in-app activities for loyal user analysis Supports all mobile attribution methods Data export and API Access Real time interactive dashboard providing over 25 KPIs 11

12 Fiksu Retargeting Maximizes user engagement Reactivate lapsed users Reach highly targeted user segments via all media sources Optimization to improve ROI Deep linking to specific actions 12

13 FreeMyApps Get gift cards for free in exchange for trying free apps Available in Google Play Mobile Access for iOS 13

14 Other services & available resources Managed solutions –Sustained acquisition –Benchmark –Chart optimizer –Custom solutions –Lifecycle engagement Fiksu services –Strategy and planning –Campaign execution –Opportunity analysis Blog eBooks, webinars 14

15 Other services & available resources Fiksu Indexes –App Store Competitive Index –Cost per Loyal User Index 15

16 © Copyright 2008 STI INNSBRUCK Thanks for your attention Questions? 16

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