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1 © Copyright 2012 STI INNSBRUCK Christoph Fuchs

2 Overview 1.What is Piwik 2.Functionality 3.Technology behind Piwik 4.Other interesting features 5.Questions / Discussion

3 What is Piwik? Piwik is... a web analytics system free software, open source the successor of „phpMyVisites“ financed by sponsors* * french ISP „free“,,,,,,,

4 Functionality All standard statistics reports –Top keywords and search engines, top page URLs –User countries –Providers, operating systems, browser marketshare, resolution,... –Time on site, pages per visit, repeated visits ( „engagement“ ) –Top entry and exit pages, downloaded files,... Real time data updates Visitor Log Customizable Dashboard Historical Reports Analytics for Ecommerce Goal conversion tracking Visitor World Map Campaign Tracking

5 Real time data updates Refreshes every 5s For each visitor: date number of actions time spent country browser OS new / returning Referrer goal conversion

6 Visitor Log

7 Customizable Dashboard

8 Historical Reports

9 Ecommerce Tracking

10 Goal Conversion Tracking

11 Visitor World Map Zoomable world map (from GeoCommons) Countries are colored according to the selected metric It is possible to change the displayed metric Visitors, unique visitors, actions, action per visitor, avg. time on site, bounce rate

12 Campaign Tracking Campaigns can track various ways of acquiring traffic, such as: Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter: Paid search marketing campaign, Cost Per Click (CPC) Display Ads, Banners Links in Newsletters Tweets Facebook Ads “What is the conversion rate for visitors coming from Google Adwords VS Yahoo! search?” Note: Campaign Tracking is enabled via URL Parameters in the advertised links

13 Campaign Tracking

14 Technology behind Piwik Written in PHP Data is stored in a MySQL database All functionality is available through a REST API as well Data is recorded using either –a JavaScript Snippet –a tracking pixel –directly via the Piwik API

15 Other interesting features Google2Piwik - Google Analytics data importer python script to migrate your Google Analytics data to Piwik has limitations, due to limited API requests of Google Analytics Piwik Mobile App available for iOS and Android

16 Thank you. Questions?

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